The beauty in being female

Saturday, March 31, 2012

The beauty in being female

Lace top
$25 -

Dark wash skinny jeans
£30 -

H&m shoes
£7.99 -

Dorothy Perkins knapsack bag
$49 -

Pieces flower jewelry
$16 -

Teardrop earrings
$8 -

Jane Norman animal print scarve
£14 -

Gee Beauty lip makeup
134 CAD -

Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink

Strapless dress
$45 -

Mango zipper jacket
£45 -

Platform wedge
£30 -

Zara messenger bag
$30 -

Oasis jewelry
$50 -

AllSaints beanie hat
$55 -

Girlie Inspiration

Girlie Inspiration

Alexander McQueen sheer shirt
$1,320 -

Cropped shirt
$60 -

Coast pencil skirt
£80 -

Suede platform pumps
£33 -

Chanel shoulder bag
£1,950 -

Gold earrings

Quote for Today

"You live but once; might as well be amusing."
~Coco Chanel

Favorite Makeup Products of the Month: March

Can you believe its the end of March already? Things have been crazy in my life. Ive been so busy I hadnt had time to do a post for 11 days :| I think about my blog everyday though. I am trying to arrange my life so its not quite so crazy haha. But every morning like a ritual I manage to find time to do my makeup before school...

So here are my 6 Favorite and Everyday products that I've been using all month!

 Okay so this is my e.l.f Eyelash Curler. Ive been re-buying this product for a few months now because I really like the way it curles my eyelashes. Its a cheap, yet really product that works well for me and I really recomend it!

Loreal ParisVoluminous Million Lashes Mascara I bought this product in the begining of March. I was kinda skeptical because the product was $8 but I was seeing good reveiws about it on YouTube from different Beauty Gurus and I decided to buy some before it was sold out. I believe this is a recent product. Correct me if I am wrong but I think it is. I like how my lashes look with this on, Although the brush itself seems to be a little like stiff(ish) or somthing and comparing it to Maybelline's The Falsies Volum Express (which is my all time favorite mascara!) it doesn't countour to your eye shape almost, the Falsies brush is in a curve which I really like because I get every single lash, while this one's brush is straight. Don't get me wrong I like this mascara alot, and thats why  its in my March Favorites I just think that the brush could be better although I like the look it gives my lashes. SO in general I like this mascara alot!

 For awhile I was using concealer as a base until I was given this by my grandmother, this is CLINIQUE Touch Base for Eyes in 17 NUDE ROSE, I have been using this EVERYDAAYYYY(!!!) and I think its amazing! The color looks nice with my skin tone so I dont need to wear eyeshadow over it if I am not feeling it on that day. I have no complaints about this base! I love the creamy formula of it and it stays on for a long time! I use it everyday and I highly recomend it!

Normally I am not a eyeliner person, I typically wear eyeliner underneath my top eyelashes(tightline?) but I have been wearing this on my waterline everyonce in while. The eyeliner I have been using for my tightline and sometimes my waterline is Maybelline's DEFINE-A-LINE Eyeliner in Ebony Black. I think this is a great eyeliner! It glides on super smooth and it is a vibrant black. It is retractable which I think is very nice and it has a sharpener and a eraser/smuger at the end of it. The only complaint I have, even though I dont know if the eyeliner is the source of the problem or not, is that when I wear it on my waterline by the end of the day it seems to smudge a bit onto my lower lash line and skin. Making me look like I have under eye circles. I need to figure out if it just needs set or if its my mascara that is smudging. I will be sure to let you'all know on that. Minus that complaint, I really like and recomend this eyeliner, it stays on for a long time and looks very nice on. 

CoverGirl Cover-Up Stick in shade 710 (light) I've been using this product for many months and so far it is my favorite out of the couple Ive tried. I like that its small so its super portable, and it glides onto my skin very nicely and covers my imperfections when the come up. I've also been using it as a undereye concealer and I really like it for that purpose as well. Definitely a pernament resident in my makeup collection.

e.l.f. Cream Eyeliner in Black; I've ben using this cream eyeliner since January and OMGSH it is awesome. I usually wear it everyday and it glides on and is perfect for on my eyelids! It does well with going over eyeshadow that is on your eyelids and has a very nice consistancy. I like the classic look it gives with being on my lids. It definitely takes some practice to perfect as I still mess up somedays and have to start that eye completely over again (LOL). I really like this eyeliner alot! Its highly recomended.

So there's my March Favorites!
I hope everyone has a great April First tommorow. Dont get too pranked! :)

Happy First Day of Spring!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I love Spring! The smells, the flowers, the happy feeling everyone gets, the new clothing collections!

I've done some research and here are some Spring 2012 fashion trends I found!

  • Flower Power (florals)
  • African Patterns (neutral colors, gorgeous patterns)
  • 20's inspired (Flapper dresses, rich silks, feathers, art deco beading)
  • Sport Couture (Athetic inspired, super comfy but glam)
  • Geometric Shapes
  • Pajamas
  • Seperates (Soft colors, simple, clean sihouettes)
  • Whites

I am definitely going to try some of these out sometime!

Any other trends you have been seeing?


Black oxford heels from Bass.... Amazing shoes.  So comfy and give my the perfect couple more inches! (I am 5 feet 6 1/2 inches tall!! withOUT the heels lol)
Wanted to test out how a picture would look! Yes, it is 1:37AM and I have to get up to get ready for school @ 6:30 but I am so excited about the fact I actually MADE my blog! :)

A little 'bout me

So I'm going to start off about what I am planning to do with this blog!

I LOVE makeup and clothes, and I've been wanting to do a makeup/fashion channel on youtube... but I decided on a blog instead.

I want to do creative looks with my makeup and clothes that girls my age can achive! I don't have expensive products to use... but thats not bad at all! I can (and will) make a beautiful look with inexpensive products and make it look like I spent a million!

So what should I do first? A how-to pretty makeup look or a outfit? Let me know!
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