SAT's, prom and draw something!

Monday, April 30, 2012

SAT's are in 6 days from today. And I am so nervous about it. I haven't been studying much but I did well on the PSAT so that gives me some more confidence that I would have if I hadn't taken the PSAT.

PROM is ALSO 6 days from today. Yeah, that's right. SAT's the SAME DAY AS PROM! From 8-1:30 then my hair appointment is at 2:30 then I gotta do my makeup and my nails and do all sorts of that girlie stuff we girls do before dances LOL ;) My dress is dark purple so I'm thinking that I want to do my makeup as a smokey purple eye. How does that sound? I think it'd look good. Maybe I'll post some pics of my dress/hair/makeup on here!?

I've been loving draw something and words with friends. I have to say I am obsessed! Of course, not as much as angry birds, but you get the jist of it right? It's just so much fun! It's fun to guess the drawing and draw a new picture and I'm just lovin it!


I read alot. And I came across a book... 4-27-12

Saturday, April 28, 2012

So I am a gal who reads constantly. I mean like 3-5 books per week, constantly reading in class while the teacher is talking, reading while walking down the hall between classes, reading while i'm supposed to be doing my homework during class. I read every moment I can. I LOVE IT. Can't you tell?? ;)

A few days ago I was searching for some new books on my kindle fire, and I found a book on Minimalism. Now; I'm one who seems to love keeping things for their value to me. And I'm trying to get over that and give things I dont need away. because there is always someone out there who needs something that i could give.

ANYWAY, the book is called Minimalism: Essential Essays by Joshua Fields Millburn& Ryan Nicodemus. I thought what the heck i'll just randomly read it if not i'll stop.... well.. its actually pretty interesting. Two best friends making 6figures a year changing their lifestyles and embracing Minimalism. It was neat. I'm not done with it yet, but im 74% done, but i still have a bit more to go.

I'm trying to minimize the clutter in my life, I am hoping by reading the inspirational story by these two guys, I can make a difference in my life, and get rid of all the clutter. One thing though, because fashion and beauty is SO much a part of my life and what makes me happy, I won't be minimizing too much of that but I might downsize some parts of my closet lol. But the rest of it I am going to try to get rid of. My mom told me that my younger sister and I could have a yard sale if we wanted over the summer(and keep the $ that we make) and get rid of what we wanted, and I think that is the perfect opportunity to kick off this new thinking. I'm not fully going into it because like i said my clothing and beauty is important to me, but I just think its interesting and that reading about it might help me to part with things that I dont need, and to spend my money more wisely, and things like that. I am super pumped to start some more cleaning tommorow and get the access items outta my life, and into someone elses for the better.

Hope all is well!!

YouTube, summer, weather, room inspiration, chain reactions 4-23-12

Monday, April 23, 2012

Heyyyylo. So here I am, so now you've seen me on YouTube as well, most of you. As you can see if you scroll down my page you will see a couple videos of me! I decided to make a youtube channel and do that as well as my blog which I think will be fun! I'm praying that with YouTube more people will come to my blog and I will get some people following it. It takes time I know which feels so frusttrating because of how much time I am taking up working on this project and owkring on uploading and planning videos and making it better, and scouting other blogs to see what it is that people like so much so they will like my blog. I hope it's all worth it in the end and my blog will somehow be something good in my life. I'm hoping someday that it will be a bigger part of my life, I want to be a english major so maybe it will work into that somehow. Maybe with journalism and fashion blogging and it will become my job, God only knows but there's a reason that I felt such a pull to do this! I hope its GOOD!! =)

I'm hoping this summer to do some OOTD shots outside, and do some unique posts, since i'll  have more free time, since now i have Track practices/meets, show choir practices will be starting up again soon for our concert in May. I cant wait till summer comes and I can break out some summer clothes.


 Its actually snowing  today.... you got that right snowing. And I have deemed the weather bipolar because on friday it was sunny and 80 outside but today.... we get snow. Our track practice was cancelled and also our meet tommorow, but we still have practice [yayyyy :| haha not] but its been a crazy "winter" it hasnt seemed like it was winter at all because of the weird weather. It's almost May and its snowing. SNOW. Ugh.

I've been feeling really un-inspired lately with my wardrobe. So... when this happens I make fashion collages with pictures to inspire me. except i wanted something really big , ya know? So. When Marie was still here yesterday we started tearing pages from magazines, and looking through binders I have filled with pages from Seventeen Magazine, and InStyle. AND THEN... we put them on my bedroom wall. How in my one OOTD I was leaning against my closet door and it was covered with images from Teen Vouge? Yepp, we did that to a large portion of my wall. I also went on to do some rearanging and making things different, I moved my bedside table into the corner of my room next to my purple mushroom chair [which I have now deemed my blogging corner&is where I am seated at the moment] [2use as a little place for my lamp that my  mom made and my latest Seventeen&Teen Vouge Magazines] and my bookshelf. I also did some work on my dresser. My perfumes usually sit on a square mirror with mint green trim, but I wanted a mirror on my dresser so I swapped out the green mirror for a circular one for my purfumes and set the green one on my dresser to have it sitting there for my convienence!

I'll upload somepictures of my Blogging Corner and inspiration wall sometime soon, I hope you all will like it! I hope I get some subcribers on youtube and some followers on here. Thats my goal, to reach out to other people and be a inspiration to them and help make them be a inspiration to someone else and have it be a chain reaction. Lets hope I can get there!


Everyday Makeup: including new products from my Rite Aid Haul!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

So... Heres my video from this morning! I hope everyone enjoys it!


Heres My Rite Aid Haul!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Here's the rite aid haul from earlier today! Figured out how to post it... uhm. after 5 hours of it downloading.... but hey its all worth it! now i know:)


Simple& Casual

Simple& Casual

INHABIT sweater
$345 -

Blonde + Blonde jeans
£30 -

H&M sandals
£15 -

Shoulder bag
$22 -

I've made a YouTube Channel!  (as you can tell by the new tab! You can head over to my channel by clicking on the tab- it will take you right to my channel!)
My friend Marie and I were trying to figure out how to upload the video to here on my blog but we both didnt know how so I made a YouTube Channel so that way I could link the videos right to my blog and vise versa. The first video is filmed and is uploading as we speak, Its taking a long time -.- haha, be sure to check it out! Im hoping that any subscribers I get on YouTube will also subscribe to my Blog. I would be so thankful!


Peek Into My Makeup!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Heres a peek into some of my makeup!


OOTD: 4/11

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

We've got no school today since its spring break but I had to get dressed up for the art show thingie I was in.... soooo... heres what I wore...

And about my hair.... In the pic of me its curly but in the outfit pic its straight... uhhh... I didnt like how it curled (the pic was fine but not the view in my mirror was eh) so I straightened it.,... well attempted it was diffficult to straighten from it being curly haha 

Jeans: Fragile from Kohls
Floral Top: Old Navy
Blazer: Idk... from my mom I think
Scarf: Dunno eathier (attached to sweater i got fro christmas)

Okay, about the wall I am leaning against.... Thats actually my closet door that I Covered with pictures torn out from Teen Vouge!! ( I LOVE collages!)

New Purse that I got monday... Holds ALOT of stuff.... From a store about 45 mins awway from where I live but Idk if there are others or not so I wont say the name for privacy reasons, ya know how that goes... but it was $11.99. LOVE the color! works with the neon trend and i love the silver hardware... so gorgeous!


Update 4/9/12

Monday, April 9, 2012

This is kinda a hit and miss thing- I've been gone for a few days... but I've been getting lots of veiws! No followers yet... or... comments. I'd be appriciative to hear what you'all have to say and if you would like to see anything specific? I guess it'll happen all in good time! :) I just got to be patient!

I picked up my new glasses today they are from the brand Bebe, and are purple! So excited! I'll prolly post a pic soon.... if anyone wants to see?

btw happy easter! Day late sorry but i was busy yesterday lol :)
Dont eat to much chocolate!


Girlie... WIth a boho twist

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Girlie... WIth a boho twist

Low top
$53 -

Fringe handbag
$58 -

Bohemian earrings
$32 -

J Crew summer hat
$38 -

Today was April 1st

Sunday, April 1, 2012

...and I am genuinly surprised that noone played a prank on me!

I've been having some friend problems in the last month in which my (ex)best friend and I stopped being friends because I was nice to someone. Yeah, because I was nice. SO... I've been really sad and feeling crappy lately but with a new start to a new month to a new school day tommorow I am hoping that it wont effect me as much as it has. its been rough, but it was one of the reasons I also wanted to start a blog because it would be a new experience and helping me to get on with my life and grow as a person (plus I just LOVE beauty and fashion lol).


"I always try to wear pink everyday,
 the rose is my favorite flower,
and the pink reminds me of the rose
and to act like a flower.
 Positive. Graceful. Beautiful."
~Ashley Black

Forever Young

Forever Young

Miss Selfridge pink dress
$68 -

Wet Seal floral shoes
$26 -

Pocket bag
$70 -

Astley Clarke 18k jewelry
$2,335 -

Miso nude jewelry
£12 -

Brim hat
£58 -

Purple Is my Favorite

Purple Is my Favorite

Uniqlo summer cardigan
£20 -

Yellow top
$9.97 -

Purple shoes
£28 -

Wet Seal kiss lock wallet
$11 -

Wood bangle
$20 -

Wet Seal feather earrings
$7.50 -

By Terry lip makeup
$44 -

Marc Jacobs daisy perfume
$75 -

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