Daphne Blake

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Daphne Blake

I seriously love Scooby-Doo, and it might come at no surprise that Daphne Blake is my Favorite character :) Shes fashionable, gorgeous and surprisingly kicks bad guy butt with her martial arts ;) I have a thing for scooby doo and Hello Kitty :)

I am laying on the couch because I had 3 wisdom teeth pulled today- I am naturally missing a fourth which is nice but I wished that all were missing. It wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be but I was SOO worried about the Amnesia stuff since I have never had that before, so I was super nervous but it was so weird.  So I hope in a couple of Days when I feel better I can do a OOTD for you and style some back to school/college outfit ideas. I have to say I have no idea what is trendy in college since its my first year and my mother suggested that I wait to buy the rest of my school clothes after I get to college and have a week or two to actually see what really is in style and buy new clothes according to that. :) Hope you all are having a wonderful day! ;)


Small HAUL: Vera Wang + More!

Monday, July 29, 2013

So I have a Haul for you from yesterday! We went shopping to pick up my mattress pad for my dorm room but then ended up getting some school clothing items as well. So above you can see I ended up with a pair of Polo Ralph Lauren Canvas Shoes in the Style of 'Vaughn'. Its kinda a funny story about these shoes because I was sitting in Bon Ton putting on the black flats (see picture below) and I looked up on the shelf in front of me and sale the Ralph Lauren Box- and a couple days before my mom bought me some Ralph Lauren Socks (Which are amazing btw), but anyway I got up and walked to the box and opened them and knew it was meant to be.. why you ask? Well, because they are purple! And thats my favorite color :)

I tried on these Super Stretch Bootcut jeans from Simply Vera Vera Wang and omgsh... they are seriously like sweatpants....AND were on sale for $15 ;) The other pair are jeggings from Elle and they where on sale for $5 ! So I made out well :)
My mom told me if she bought me new flats I had to retire the other ones I have- So I said yes so here are my Ronnie Black Flats from Studio Works! :D
Rue 21 was having a jean sale so I stopped in there and looked through the jeans there as well. I am a jeanaholic because I dont really wear dresses or skirts although I want to get into that more, but I normally wear jeans everyday and these two were on sale for $5 each! So I seriously made out well with getting some back to school jeans :D


what are your back to school essentials?

Its one of those days

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Hey- Sorry I've been kinda MIA the last few days! I got back from vacation monday. Slept tuesday, worked wednesday and thursday. Drove two hours yesterday and went dorm room shopping (Want a post on the things I/Mom bought for my dorm? Leave a comment and I will!) and then today I had to work then I came home, went for a run (it was raining so I ended up with my hair all wet so I cut my bangs then blow dried then straightened my hair), and I guess in a hour or so we are going out to our friends house. I wish I had a more interesting post for you but I don't and I apologize but my room is a wreck, college stuff in a big pile along with a huge pile of clothes to put away and the whole world piled on my desk, my room at the moment is a nightmare. I hope to really clean my room out in a couple of days, I'm having my wisdom teeth out the 31st of August so I will be off of work that whole next week. So hopefully I will feel well enough to put up some good posts for you. I'm really sorry :/
&I apologize for bad light in the picture, if I stand near my window for some natural light you can see my awful mess of a room and I don't want to show that at the moment haha. Maybe someday when its clean I'll show you my room :) &hey- before you know it you might get a dorm tour ;)


p.s my red lipstick is from Wet N-Wild in Red Velvet :)

Snow White

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I played it simple with my makeup today. A mix of red and berry lipsticks, under eye concealer and winged liner. A look simple enough for anyone.

With red lips, winged liner and the flower... if I had black hair I could be snow white.


Get Your Paint And Graffiti It

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Need some inspiration for that latest outfit or that drawing block? Check out these photos I took while we were walking around town. They are utterly amazing!! I wish I could do something like this! Hope you enjoy.

What I'm Currently Wishing For

What I'm Currently Wishing For

I made a wishlist! So here is my wish list:
1. Moleskin Notebook- I really want to get one sometime soon
2. Fountain Pen & Lots of Stationary- like a true fashionista, I love writing and receiving hand written notes. Its such a classy thing to do in this world of technology, emails, IM, and phones.
3. Tights- I hate my legs but shorts are a must in this weather and are good for layering when it gets colder. A black pair are a must for everything from shorts to dresses.
4. Black Closed toe pumps- I have peep toe shoes but I really need to get a pair that are closed toed.
5. Fedora- Every fashionista needs a fedora ;) I chose black because I figured that it would match more outfits from my closet.
6. Slouchy Backpack- Summer essential, and can be used into the school year as well!
7. Structured Satchel- Classic Staple
8. Bows- I love bows! They look so chic and adorable! I especially love wearing mine when my hair is curled.
9. Cat Ring- Featured this a couple of times and it is absolutely adorable
10. Bangles- I need to find some that actually fit my wrist though. I have small wrists but larger hands
11. Mint Nail polish- My favorite summer color! So pretty!

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