Hair Routine

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Here's my hair routine!

If You like this makeup look please leave a comment and I will do a tutorial!



Beach Haul

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

hope you enjoy!!


Boho&Chic- Night Out

Long Story Short...

Friday, June 22, 2012

So to make a long story short. That (AMAAZINGGG- wwaaaaaa! :((  ) purse in my last post (OOTD) started to come undone and was ripping in the one spottt and it was missing a couple studs... (OHhhhh I was madddd). So we went down to the boardwalk to get it replaced and exchange it. There was only one left of that kind. and guess what. the studs were falling off on that one too. SOOOOOOOOO... I ended up swapping and getting this one instead. it's not what i really wanted but it was between this one and one like my old brown one but in a bright blue shade and i dont wear thath much blue so I went with this one. So i'm thinking that this one will be a good one for school to carry all my books and notebooks and all ththat jazz. and its BIGGG so i could use it for a overnight bag as well if i really wanted too haha. But this one looks a bit sturdier than my other one and im hoping *cross your fingers with me* that it doesnt start to rip and break like the other one.  sooooooooooo yeah

(there are three different compartments)

what is your go-to-bag??


So this will be my first OOTD!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Dress: discount shop near where i live
bag: boardwalk
shoes: hot kiss

my sister did a great job taking these pictures I think I will do more of these posts:)

OH, and since i AM on vacation I dont have my closet to shop in, so normally with this outfit I would of had like a scarf wrapped around my neck, and also big earrings to make it more bohemian! but anyway I hope you like! Oh btw, check out my AWESOME new baggg:) this was what I was talking about:)) hehehehe!!

what are your summer essentials??


About My Project

My mom thought that I should put something on my blog about my Senior Project and maybe some people would be willing to help me.

So in order to graduate from my high school we must complete a Graduation Project 'Senior Project'. It must consist of 20+ hours of volunteer work. And then it has to be presented to the teacher in charge of the project&also any other teacher you choose.

So my project? Well. I'm calling it K.S.P, simply for "Kelsey's Senior Project" (on a sidenote ur prolly wondering why its kelsey and not jean (when i filmed i said jean- i thought i'd be better not to say my real name but its just my middle name haha). well i didnt want to use kelsey so i decided to use my middle name which is jean! haha- noone really calls me that i just like jean:) it was my great grandma's name too haha sooo anywayyy) So what's my project?- cause the name doesnt really tell much. haha.

I'm collecting new&gently used purses, filling them with everyday products (such as- makeup, lotion, brushes, perfume, nail polish, body wash, shampoo&conditioner, skin care products, hair spray, hair ties, ect.) and then donating them to womens shelters to help women in need.

So far I've donated 27 purses to a womens shelter near me. And I have 15 more filled purses I have yet to donate. And I have at least 75 purses that need to be filled still.

I choose this project at first just because I knew I would get the hours and it would help women in my community. However, as more people come to me; donating items, and telling my how amazing they think my project is, its starting to mean much more to me than just a requirement to graduate. I’m making a impact on someone else’s life. I’m showing these women that even though they are going through a tough times, there are good people who want to help them and support them through it all. With these purses I hope to help improve someone’s life and empower them as they strive to make their lives better.

Think about it. These women leave their homes with what they have on their backs and what they can carry or throw into a garbage bag and take with them. They dont care about having items, they care about just getting out. So you wouldnt have that new wii, all those games, your nitendo DS, no magazines, no makeup collection, no favorite shirts because they wouldnt fit into the backpack, no high heels, ect. All those things wouldnt exsist.

My dad calls me materialistic. And maybe I am, I have a tendency to want clothes and makeup. But ya know if thats what makes me happy? Then so be it, because those things make me happy.

It hasnt really hit me until this moment. That I have so much to give. I am a fortunate girl and I dont think I take that into consideration as much as I should. I have so much to give. I want to live a good long life helping others and being a role model for others. When i get home i'm going to really apply this to my life and get rid of the clutter and "live simply so others can simply live."  All those items? in the end they dont matter. My prada purse? Wont matter. My makeup collection? Wont matter. what matters is- helping others and doing good for others and being a good role model. Remember that post I did wear I talked about the book I read on Minimalism? well. I want to really apply that to my life. In the end the items wont matter. They really really wont. It's what you do, and did, with your life that matters. I challenge YOU to apply this to your life and get rid of the unneeded items and help other people. because the items won't matter in the end. they are just items.

So if you would like to help me? And donate a purse or so, and some everyday items for in them, or both if you would like, please leave a comment with your email and I will email you and we will chat, and then exchange adresses and all that good stuff, for the purses&items to be sent to me and then going into the purses and being donated. Here is a list of items that could be sent for in the purses. And if there are other items you would like to send- be my guest:) It would definitely be welcome!

I would appreciate donations of purses, makeup bags, and any of the products listed below (and others if you wish to add something else) for in the purses.


List of items for in purses: (this is not necessarily in any specific order)
* = should be in a range of skin colors for the different ethnics of the women that come into the shelters

Body scrub
Body wash
Acne pads
Facial cleansers
Night crème
Moisturizer- Non tinted
Neutral eye shadows
Makeup remover
Necklaces- Simple
Nail polish- Neutral Colors
Dry shampoo
Bobby pins
Hair ties
Lip sticks*
Mini emergency sewing kits
Perfume samples
Lip gloss
Mini notebooks
Contact/address books
Mini calendar
Travel packs of tissues

 &yeaahh, i know this is a more serious post and not like fashion related and beauty and such but ya know, I want to spread the word about what I'm doing, and hey- no better place than my beautiful blog looked at by my lovely followers:))


Heres a couple pictures of some of the donations- layed out on my bedroom floor to be organized into boxes. Theses pictures are taken by me! You can see my feet in the bottom one haha:)

Dont Fret..

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Don't fret- I havent gone away even though I have been absent all week, and I promised to blog even tho I was on vacation (even tho i epically failed at that promise but i've been very busy but hey! here I am and its wensday so I didnt lie haha i've just been soooo busy with doing touristy type stuff:)  ). But anyway, some interesting stuff has been happening!

1. Well, I'm on vacation (As you'all know) and I'm heading back to my home on saturday. I will probably do a 'Vacation Haul' with all the things that I bought while I was on vacation sometime next week. Idk if i'll post it to my YouTube Channel or not, maybe I'll just make it special for my blog. But I think I have to have it be from youtube to be posted in a post so maybe it'll have to go up there too haha :)

2. I told my mom about my blog- I was hesitant to let her see because I didnt know what she would say. But she liked it and thought it was cool! She even saw my YouTube Video post and wanted to watch it and even smiled at it. So I think that it's all good:) Which is fantastic- I love my mom:)

3. #2 leads me to #3- She wants me to talk about my senior project on my blog (maybe I'll do a YouTube Video too idk yet, maybe) So that post WILL be coming up soon as well.

4. I also have another colletive Haul post/video coming up (seesh- I'm doing alot of hauls, I should do a tutorial soon... something beachy maybe?... ironic huh? ;)  ) I've been getting new clothes from the 2nd hand shop that I am volunteering at, from my best friend Cynthia, and even from my sister (mmmm i need to try those on...) so I will be posting that soon as well. Wow, I'm gunna be busy busy busy gal here on my laptop&blog! Which is good because I love my blog:)

So thats a update sorta thing.. so yeah:) Let me know what kind of tutorial video I should do after my hauls, or I could always rotate them, haul, tutorial, haul, tutorial, you get the picture... Let me know!:)


p.s. Yepp, I got a new bag btw, one that I bought with a visa giftcard from my Aunt:) its very boho and mmmm kinda edgy at the same time but i think that the color (brown) makes it more boho:) You will see it soon!

Basics On The 'Bohemian Style'

Thursday, June 14, 2012

I am obsessed with the bohemian style- the freedom, colors and beauty of it... I'm totally hooked. My style is definitely bohemian inspired, and will hopefully get closer to the true style over the next couple months. I did some reading and here are some Basics on the 'Bohemian Style' :) ennjoyyyyy&hope you like!!

  • Layers
    • ex. Chunky sweater over a lightweight dress
    • fun tights, funky layers, knee socks
  • Accessories
    • hair
      • let your hair down (waves are very boho)
      • braids (fishtail, french, regualar)
      • tie a headband over
    • Fedoras, bangles, big hoop earrings, chunky necklaces, braids, feathers,
    • sandals, boots, wedges
    • belts
    • turquoise
    • rings
    • long necklaces
  • Dresses& Blouses
    • soft ruffles &flowy fabric
    • halters, tunic tops, one shoulder
  • Prints&colors
    • sheer&lightweight
    • tribal prints
    • paisley prints
    • silk
    • flowers
    • buttoned
  • Makeup
    • simple- low key
    • should compliment your natural features
    • pinks, skin colors, browns
    • try appling eyeliner to only the outer courners of your eyes (try brown)

Being bohemian is a outlook of life, a state of being& a way of interacting with the world. A bohemian girl is a free spirit, and creative. the style is considered a mix of hippie, gypsy, and vintage!

Any other things to add about the bohemian style?


Inspirational Pictures #3

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Here is the third set of inspirational pictures! Tonight and thursday night I am taking a photography class- so i'm hoping it will help me to take better pictures myself and I will be able to post some pictures that I take! SO here it is! Enjoyyy!

Disclaimer: I don't own these pictures- I found them on google. All image credits go to the rightful owners.


Just uploaded a New Video

Monday, June 11, 2012

Here is my latest video I filmed this morning. enjoy!

The details for the video are in the bottom bar on the youtube page for this video


Favorite Earrings: Part 1

                             So here are 5 pairs of my favvvvvvorite earrings that are in my jewelry collection! This will be split into 3 different posts (hope you don't mind) and I hope you enjoy!


So its complete!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

My room is complete! There are still things I wish I could change (new paint color on the walls, all matching furniture ect.) But I must just deal with the things I have!

So my new vanity holds ALL my makeup plus some of my hair stuff&nail polishes and also is the perfect spot for my laptop to sit and for me to write posts! So horrayyy!:)

My goal is to try to do one post a day this summer and possibly do a video maybe once a week? Idk about the video's but I'm trying to get the perfect spot and I have a bunch of videos planned so hopefully I can get around to doing that. I've had alot more time so far than I thought I would.. I mean I get to sleep in, work in my Aunts garden, come home and get on my laptop and check my bloggg ;) Wooo! oh, and zumba.. I've been doing Zumba every other day except I missed friday's workout so I need to do that... Maybe today?! So I'm not in my room 24/7 on my laptop lol.

So what are YOUR summer plans?


A bit ofa update&IPFTD

I'm getting a vanity! It was my Great-Grandmothers and so it will be vintage and also have sentimental value to me. So since I am getting that, I am currently in the process of  debating how to rearrange my room accordingly. I dont have a large room, but its not the smallest eathier. Its actually looking like uhm... rainbow throw up at the moment.... hahaha There are piles of clothes on the floor from me trying to get rid of clothing items but ending up gaining items from my younger sister (we are about the same size) and one of my best friends, Cynthia. Soooooooooooo that needs some uhm working on haha. I'm gaining more clothes than I am giving away at the moment but its alright. I like clothes;)

I took some pictures yesterday for a upcoming couple posts... I ended up taking 18 pictures so I'm thinking that will work for a series of three different posts! So that is coming up... And once my vanity and room is set up how I want it... The vanity will be a perfect spot to film and of course, store my makeup collection... So I'm sure to be going more filming soon (this time with my video camera so it will be better quality *crosses fingers*)

I'm also going to the beach in a couple weeks! So I might do a couple posts on something like "What I'm Packing: Makeup... clothing...." Ect. So hopefully I will have time to do those as well! While I am at the beach I plan on taking my laptop&webcam so hopefully I can do a couple posts and show you'all some pictures and possibly film a video while at the condo!

                                                         OH! ;) Also here is a IPFTD!

                     Picture is NOT owned by hellosimpleme. It was found on google. All image credits go to the rightful owner of the image.


So your not going to believe this.... Did you say Prada?

Saturday, June 9, 2012

You see this GORGEOUS... ORANGE.... PRADA bag???

I got it for free.

I've started to volunteer at my town's local secondhand shop on fridays, so I went in today and was going through a garbage bag... and pulled out a orange handbag...
I flipped it over....
and the label said PRADA.
I asked Pat (the lady i was there with) if I could buy it, and she said yes!
But then...
She ended up just GIVING it to me...
HOW INSANE IS THAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?


Whats in my purse video soon? With my PRADA purse? ;)
lemme know!


I do have one thing to say though.. to be as honest as I can be... I DO NOT KNOW for sure if it is real or not... I looked online at the other Prada hangbags and I THINK it might be real but do not quote me for sure... I just wanted to get that out there. Knock off or not- It still is a AMAZING find!!
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