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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Below is a Illustration I did for my grandma with my Wacom Pad. I thought I would include it in a post for you guys to see. She wanted a green dress but I didn't have as many options for colors in my Copic program for green as this royal blue. The black lace is supposed to be a shawl because my grandma wanted something to 'cover her arms' So I did a black lace shawl.

I don't know how to sum up 2013. I still have 2 hours left of it but I am ready for it to be ending. It was filled with good things, bad things, new experiences, laughter, tears, new beginnings, and endings. 

I graduated high school. Went to prom with my best friend, took a road trip to North Carolina with him (prom date/ love / best friend a girl could ask for). Worked a second year at the Drive In. Traveled across the United States to Idaho for a week, had my wisdom teeth out, started college, survived my first set of midterms and finals. Decided to pick up a minor. Showed some of my fashion illustrations here on my blog. Cut my long hair off. 

So many things happened in 2013.  

& Let's just say that I am super excited for 2014. It will be full of so many new opportunities and fun things for me. I hope to continue expanding my blog and writing for all of you guys- Thanks for being here for me in 2013.   I really appreciate it. 

I hope everyone has a wonderful (and safe) night, and a fantastic start to a new year! 

Oh- also here are my 2014 resolutions. I found this list on pintrest and to be honest it sums up what I want to accomplish in 2014. I feel like my list is generally the same every year but keeping it simple this is my resolution list for 2014:

2014 Resolutions
1. Get More Sleep
2. Drink More Water
3. Get More Exercise
4. Read More
5. Get More Organized
6. Clean More Often
7. Explore More
8. Relax More
9. Have More Patience
10. Forget Doing 'More'

Just Try Your Best. 

2014 will be full of wonderful things. Starting a second semester at University, going to France in May ( I get to ride a train from the airport to Paris! How thrilling is that!!) , hopefully getting a different job this summer, not to mention my 19th birthday (my last year as a teenager). 

I've also had some off and on's via relationships in 2013. I won't share to many details but I have decided that I'm just going to stop looking for a guy and just let it happen however it's supposed to happen. I won't go searching, I will let it happen naturally.  

Welcome 2014. 


Merry Christmas

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

I received my Wacom pad!! This drawing above is a drawing I just finished doing for you guys! I know its not as good as I could do on paper, but I just got my Wacom Pad today and will gradually improve:)

Its a couture Christmas Dress!

I had a WONDERFUL day- and I hope everyone else's Christmas' were wonderful as well!!!




Sunday, December 22, 2013


I may have mentioned this before but I am itching to get out of the United States and travel the world. I have a huge case of wanderlust going on in my mind- I've been spending hours on the travel section of Pintrest just looking at all these images of different places and watching travel related movies (my favorite is Eat, Pray, Love- its seriously my favorite), I have even been saving images on my laptop of travel related items. My travel pintrest page has been exploding with images in the past few days. Soon I'll be logging on to the Travel Network everyday. I am reading travel blogs and just becoming more and more restless with this urge to travel. 

I've been dreaming about dancing in Bali, eating food in Italy & Visit my family there, having a romance in France, hiking in Iceland, visiting Ireland, traveling the outback in Australia. 

There are also places in the United States that I want to visit but- my desire to go to Europe is growing stronger than ever. I want to buy a better camera, a leather backpack, pack my luggage and travel across Europe. My friend Matt did it after he graduated college, and hearing his stories? I want to go so badly. 

My plan is France this May, then my Junior year the fashion department will go to Italy in May 2016 <3 

After I graduate with a degree in Fashion Merchandising, I want to work for maybe a year, paying off loans and then attend the University of Arts in London (or well, one of the fashion schools in London) and get my masters in Fashion Design so I can be a fashion designer or a design assistant. Someday hopefully running my own company with my own line of clothes. Its a long shot but maybe someday. 

I can dream can't I?


Life Is Good

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Life Is Good

Above is pretty much what my day has consisted of. I slept in till 2PM ( I was also up till 2AM watching Sherlock on my laptop with my Cat), ate lunch, did Zumba, played Mario Kart for a couple of hours, put a new laptop skin on my computer, and now I am sitting in the  Media Room under a REALLY REALLY amazingly soft blanket. 

I am so happy to be home. I'm content being here and I'm a very happy girl being here with my Family. 
(Although I feel like break will go way to fast- UGH)

Are everyone's home's decorated for Christmas? Ours is all decorated and its so pretty. We have two trees (one real- living room, and the other is fake- dining room), the Nativity Scene is sitting upon the counter between the kitchen and living room (its like a open wall/window),   my sister took it upon herself to wrap garland down the staircase, and presents sit under the tree and upon the cabinets in the Kitchen (my mom does that every year).

 I am now going to look at Pintrest for Christmas ideas... 


Add a Touch of Red and Kiss Me at Midnight: New Years Eve Outfit Idea

Thursday, December 12, 2013

A Touch of Red

I'm thinking about New Year's and found the shirt above which I thought was cute. I've never actually had a kiss at midnight on a New Year but we also celebrate with family so it makes sense;) IF I could go out for New Years this outfit above is something that I would wear. Super chic and slimming but dressy and easy to move about and dance in. 

I thought the sparkly cardigan would add that new year sparkle while still looking classic, plus with jeans you wouldn't be as cold as if you were in a dress! 

The heels are GORGEOUS! And definitely make a statement. 
The details; hair, nails, makeup, cell phone case, totally pull it together. 
&how about that necklace?? So so so so so pretty!

Are you excited for the new year?

OH- I go home for christmas break tomorrow!!!!!! Yay for going home!!!


Finals Week: A+ Style

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

A+ Style

I'm sure the same is happening across a multitude of colleges this week and the upcoming week... its FINALS WEEK. 

I have had two finals already, one on monday and one yesterday. My last one is on Friday (then right after I get to go home! Wahoo!), I should be studying for it but it will be a easy one so I'm not really worried, and this post won't take long to write. 
So above^^ I did a polyvore post on the Finals week essentials! 
Yoga pants and Sweaters- A must especially since it is SNOWING and cold here at my University during finals, so being warm and cozy and comfortable is a must.
Coffee & Tea- gotta stay awake for those all night study sessions
Headphones- block out roommates, laughter, or the awkward library silence...
*Hint: Classical music is considered best to listen to when studying
Blanket- cause its winter... and cold... 
Pens and pencils and colorful marker pens- makes writing those vocab words easier
Oversized Tote- For some reason I am into oversized totes atm instead of using a backpack so I picked the above 3 and I have to say my favorite one is the "I like big books & I cannot lie" hahaha;) 
Kinda perfect for all those books we college students lug around!
Water bottle- stay hydrated
Beanie- more comfort and when walking to the library and its cold... want to have something over your ears.
Oh the hair image- super chic and cute but keeps your hair out of the way while your focusing on your studies 

And Its pretty much the same as the midterm one but I thought in this post I would include some study tips I have used this week. 

1. Notecards
Writing down the vocabulary words on them helps you remember them, but the repetition of going through the notecards over and over is a good way to study. 

2. Writing
Write important information over and over, I personally would write these important facts over and over but in different colors each time. Helps make studying a little more fun. 

3. Study Guides 
For all 3 of my finals my professors each gave us study guides, and these were pretty much just the topics listed. So What I did was take those topics, going through my notes and on a Pages Document (Mac's version of Word) I elaborated on all of the topics, creating a study guide for myself. (Which is actually what I need to be doing in a few minutes once this post is done) This was SO useful because I was 1) reading through the information 2) typing the information and 3) kept seeing the information that I was supposed to be studying. And then when you are all done, just read and re-read the study guide. Now depending on what class and what topics your professor gives you will have influence on the amount of time that you will have to spend creating a study guide, but in the end it will really only help you. 

4. Taking Breaks
WHAT? You might be confused, but the average persons brain only holds an attention span of 15-20 minutes. So I use MyTomatoes. << Its a online kitchen timer, you sign up, ITS FREE, and you have a time of 25 minutes to do something, after the timer goes off you type into the box what you did then you get a 5 minute break. The break can be extended up to 20 or 25 mins as well (not sure which). This tool is SO helpful and I highly recommend it! I use it pretty much everyday. 

5. Study in a comfortable environment, where you can get stuff done!!
I normally would be studying at the library, but I know that EVERYONE will be trying to find a spot to study at the library, and our library isn't that big so trying to accomplish anything starts with finding a  spot to study at and during finals there are very few to be found. 
So I am in my dorm room, at my desk. Which is another tip, if your studying in your dorm definitely try to study at your desk and while reclining on your bed because you associate your bed with sleep so when you lay on your bed to study you have a higher risk of falling asleep. 

Alright- I am off to do my own studying! 


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