The Essentials: Mid-Term Week

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Essentials

Its Here! Our NOT so favorite time of year for college students ( besides our least favorite.. Finals... ) MID-TERMS! And they are here everybody. I had one this morning at 11:45AM so I was like- why not do a Mid-Term blog post! I decided to go on polyvore and do a visual- a visual of lots of goodies to make studying for mid-terms so much better.

1) SWEATERS & YOGA PANTS: Ideal for in the dorm or in the 24/7 lounge till 3 am, comfortable and with a pair of boots can even make it to class. ( love the Chanel F*CK one- so perfect for midterms and definitely one to wear for finals)

2) FUZZY SOCKS: its october! Getting chilly on the eastern side, so fuzzy socks are a must for cold tiled dorm floors.

3) BLANKETS AND COFFEE: Perfect combo for a cold day, especially for that all nighter

4) SCHOOL SUPPLIES: index cards, index cards, index cards... (a KEY way to memorize important information) Pens, and notebook to write because repetition is key. Highlighers- makes everything pretty and personally when I highlight (specifically yellow) I remember things better.. Dunno for some reason i can picture the question/answer/ect in my head when it was highlighted in yellow

5) GLASSES: ya need your specs to see... wouldn't that be a good thing!?

Hope you enjoyed- and  have a WONDERFUL Mid-term week (mine is this coming week but I had one midterm test today so off to study I go!)  


Night Out in Style

Friday, October 4, 2013

Lets go Dancing

I haven't gone out dancing yet since I've been here at college, but I'm currently thinking about it since its friday nightt....

So this look is totally gorgeous. The dress with the cut out sides is sexy but the sweetheart neckline tones it down some. 

I picked out 6 pair of black booties/heels  that would look AMAZING with this fabulous dress.  I picked some with gold detailing because the dress almost has a gold/yellow tone to the bust. So I figured gold hardware would work perfectly... 

The bottom row of shoes the left one is my favorite. (Right underneath the 'Lets' in "Lets go dancing"

Which pair is your favorite??


Perfect for Fall

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Perfect for Fall

So happy October first! I love the changing of the months since the fashions change, the leaves are changing... & the nerd side of me loves the look of a new month-by-month spread on a planner. Clean and crisp with no white out marker all over it!


So here's a look perfect for fall and, if you wanted a dark purple scarf could be added if you wanted to take off the necklace and be a bit warmer on a chilly day. Also a pair of tights, maybe a plum pair to go with the scarf would look fabulous as well! With the Coral bag tho and the plum i'm not so sure but i'm sure a brown purse or clutch could easily be swapped in!

Hope your day is wonderful!

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