Holidays are among us...

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

...and that means fun with family &friends and awesome parties;) while your getting ready for that big christmas or new years eve party be sure to include one of these quick and easy trends for this season!

metallics (golds and silvers)
sparklesss (so new years eve!)

feathered ponys
bold topnots
windswept updos
 girly bouffants (i'd add a ribbon!)

try a classic eyeliner look- dip a small engled brush into gel eyeliner then draw a thin line from inner to outercorners


Being Thankful

Monday, December 3, 2012

I'm excited for this Christmas and December in General! I have so much more to be thankful for this holiday season and I love this time of year were being happy and Thankful definitely is in the air! So my big thing I am thankful for (besides my family of course) just so happens to be my acceptance to my #1 college of choice! :D And this past friday my mother and I put my deposit for my position in the Class of 2017 in the Post Office Box- so I am OFFICIALLY accepted to and have a place in COLLEGE! So I will be majoring in Fashion Merchandising and Possibly minoring in english- I love english and excel in it so I believe it will be the perfect addition to my love of fashion and words. I am SO excited! And I simply want to be at college already- I am ready to move on with my life to bigger and better things! My college is near a city so shopping and the perfect thrift shops will be amazing! And i'm looking forward to the Independence and simply the experience!

What are some things you are thankful for?


Picture NOT owned by hellosimpleme. Was found on google. Image credit goes to its rightful owner.

Thanksgiving was wonderful

Friday, November 23, 2012

I had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday filled with lots of family and laughter. We celebrated with another family of 4 that we consider part of our own. It was so wonderful, and afterwords the 4 of us 'Kids' watched Toy Story and Toy Story 2. It was like de ja' vu because we have not spent time together like that in a long time. We laughed so much and noticed things in the movies that you wouldnt really notice until you were older. It was quite amusing!

Dinner was amazing, I dont eat meat or chicken though so I didnt eat any of the smoked turkey but everything else was definitely so amazing:) mashed potatos, pineapple 'gloop' (pineapples with crushed ritz crackers, honey and some butter hehe it was amazing), green beans, stuffing, creasant roles and much much more :)

I played it simple with what I wore to dinner last night- I wore dark jeans, a charcoal grey v-neck shirt, with a dark purple circle scarf, pretty dangley heart earrings, and my hair curled. I really liked the outfit hehe:)

After everyone left my sister and I went upstairs to my room and played with my different lipstick samples from AVON, and I ended up creating a beautiful winter look that was so simple but so very pretty perfect for the winter months and also what I am wearing tonight when I go iceskating with my friends!! (cant wait for that!), I took pictures which i will put up soon (I need more memory on my computer first before I can download any more pictures: which stinks but hopefully it will be fixed soon). I also took pictures of how I did my hair for Thanksgiving as well, step by step, it didnt turn out as well as i thought it would but it was a different curling iron than the one I normally use (curling wand) and because the curling wand gets hotter faster and you dont have to hold it as long, I go impatient quickly haha.

OH! Also at my last hair cut appointment 2 weeks ago I ended up having my hair stylist cut bangs for me! I reallly like them and everyone else does too, i've been gettting lots of compliments on my hair recently its kinda funnny haha. OHHH!! Bigger news, every year for the Seniors in the year book we do a 'Who's Who' for ex. best hair, best smile, best laugh... things like that. And I'm sure you will love what i ended up getting..... BEST DRESSED!!!!!!!!:) I'm sure you can imagine how excited I was and still definitely Am! :)

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and stay safe driving to and fro :)


I love November & Christmas Wishlist

Sunday, November 4, 2012

So this weekend we (Mom, sister and I) repainted my room! No more aqua blue and lime green! I am on to a beautiful more sohpisticated light pink called Ballet Slipper! I will post pictures soon of before and after but I wont do that until my paint has fully set and I can hang things on the walls! Give me a few more days and I will definintely be having that up soon. I also need to start the wordsearches back up again... hymmmm.... I will have to get on that... winter clothing wordsearches!:)

And since my room is newly painted i will start up doing youtube videos again so you guys can eventually get a tour but atm my laptop needs more memorryyyyyyy(!!!!) in order for me to do that- so eventually I will get working on that.

oh, how I love november. Because its the month before christmas and i love lounging around my house in leggings and long sleeved shirts and eventually seeing the snow outside. I love thanksgiving and then november turning into december and then doing field trips/singing for choir- its just a absolute blast!!  So speaking of how Christmas is in a month and a half... i decided i would post what i am wishing for this Christmas... I know its early but I am excited! And in a couple weeks I am bound to be listening to Christmas musicc:D so anyway, on to the list!!!

  • White Ipod Touch W/Camera
  • Mannaquin
  • Victoria Secret Pink Body Spray
  • Lauren Conrad Beauty Book ( I have her book on Style and it is amazinggggggg!)
  • Subscription to Vouge
  • Coco Chanel: The Legend & The Life by Justine Piccirdie
  • Fancy Stationary (Creme colored) & Fountian Pen
  • Taylor Swift's new CD- Red
  • and of course.... New Clothes:):):):):):)
Hope you have a great Monday tommorow!

p.s. Whats on YOUR 2012 Christmas list??? :D

One of my favorite pictures of all time...

Monday, October 15, 2012

this truely has to be one of my favorite pictures
of all time....
I love looking at this image...

Dunno if i have posted this picture before- sorry If i have but i just like this image alot and wanted to share!

Picture found on Google Images- not hellosimpleme. credit goes to the rightful owner of the image.


I've got some exciting news!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

So a few days ago I got my senior pictures done-
and it had a interesting ending...

For the one shot I sat on a vintage trunk in the middle of a back road. the back round(trees fence ect) was absolutely GORGEOUS&real!

So my photographer kept saying how easy I was to photograph and then she took some pictures of me sitting on the trunk and asked me a question...

"Do you want to model?"

you can imagine what went through my brain.


"Yeah! I need a jewelry model for some pictures of jewelry that I am taking and I think you would be perfect!"

And then She also tells me she wants to do photoshoots with models and wants me to do that as well... and That I would be the advertisement for that project!!!!!!

I am so excited! People tell me alot I should model.... and well... Im going to get to!!!

Just thought I should share with you all:)

I'll post pictures when we take them! It wont be till more late fall/winter till we take them- but it's something to definitely look forward too!!


OOTD: Goverment Field Trip

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Hey! So my Advanced Goverment class went on a field trip today to meet a Congressman and listen to a couple lectures- and my Gov. Teacher told us to dress up! So here I am all dressed up- I sent a picture of this to my Best Friend before school started this morning and shes like "omg! You look like you came off the Gossip Girl Set!!" :) SO here is my Blair From Gossip Girl Inspired look for my Goverment field trip!
(p.s. you cant really see it but there is a white headband with a bow in my hair- you can see it more in pic #3)
(p.p.s my legs look weird- like i am crossing them, though i am not, my left leg is bent in front of my right and when I edited the contrast of the images you cant really see that- so just in case u were wondering why my legs look weird haha:) )

My kitty Sydney

I ABSOLUTELY loveee this picture! I think this is so cute and I love it so muchhh!!

Sydney again. To get the swirly effect as you click the button to take the image turn the camera quickly, dont move its position (or try to not move it as little as possible) but just turn it- i turned it to the right. (Just keep trying and eventually u:ll get a good one!)

Spaghetti. Mmmmmmm. with fresh basil. So delicious.
From dinner a few nights ago- so pretty I had to post a picture.... Thanks Mom!!


Recent Obsessions

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sunsets. So simple, so beautiful.
Different every night.

Coco Chanel. Elegance, class, sophistication.
Things that I want to have someday.

Making to do lists. My "compulsive obsession" says my mother. I like to be oganized; even though I am truthfully not THAT organized. Things have their places.

I go through phases. Purple pens, Sharpie pens, Black or blue pens for awhile.... This past couple months? RED PENS. For editing and doodling. They just make writing things so much more intersting.
I believe there are about 20+ in that cup not counting the ones randomly in my room, backpack, and downstairs desk. Yeah, random things that you LOVE.

Vouge. This thick beast is my copy of the Special Edition September Issue of Vouge. Those tabs sticking out are pages I have marked to draw inspiration from. Sad part? I havent even gotten through the whole thing yet I have been so busy. eck.

My kitty cat, whom you all probably know, Sydney. He helps me out by letting me play with his feather toy and teasing him with it to relieve stress and take a moment for just pure enjoyment. I love this cat. <3

What are your recent obsessions?


Waves & IPFTD

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Its been awhile sorry- life has been hitting me with waves of homework, work, band practices, and headaches. Ever since I started working my frequent posts have gone ka-put, and now that school has started?? Yeah, not so good. But work closes the 16th so after that I believe that I might be able to get back on my regular posting schedule.

So theres that quick note and here is a Inspirational Picture For The Day:


Some new school year inspiration

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Lauren Conrad Inspired

To get you thinking...

Saturday, August 25, 2012

This is your life. Do what you love, and do it often. If you don’t like something, change it. If you don’t like your job, quit. If you don’t have enough time, stop watching TV. If you are looking for the love of your life, stop; they will be waiting for you when you start doing things you love. Stop over analyzing, life is simple. All emotions are beautiful. When you eat, appreciate every last bit. Open your mind, arms and heart to new things and people. We are united in our differences. Ask the next person you see what their passion is and share you inspiring dream with them. Travel often; getting lost will help you find yourself. Some opportunities only come once; seize them. Life is about the people you meet, and the things you create with them so go out and start creating, live your dream, and share your passion. Life is short.


p.s. I DONT KNOW who wrote this... it was on a framed print in a magazine I had found and cut out awhile ago; I dont know what magazine it is from, sorry. But just so you know I DID NOT write this. Thanks.

Solution: Jackets

Sunday, August 19, 2012


D + B + O T F D + E + N T + + + + T C D 
+ E + O E T E I Q + R O E + + + R A D E 
+ + T L L G O U E E + T K + + A S + R T 
+ T I S N D E M K L + T C + C U + + A L 
+ G A I A S E A + + D U A K A + + + W E 
+ + R O T E E R + + + B J L + + + + S B 
+ F + R C R R H O O D E D V E S T N T + 
+ + A + B T C B + + + E E + + + A + R + 
+ I C D + A S + E + + R B + + M P + I + 
N + N O P + + I + L + H + + R + E + N + 
D I + E L + + + A + B T + E + + P + G + 
W E L B + L + + + W + U T Y T I L I T U 
+ E T Z O U A V E + + T O + + + U C + N 
T + + L + M R R + + E + + D + + M R + O 
+ + + + I + B E L L O N E B U T T O N S 
+ + + + + U + E Z E P A C + + + + P S U 
+ + + + + + Q + R A S R E M M U S P W O 
T N O R F E P A R D L S + + + + + E I L 
D E N I M + + + + + + B + + + + + D N B 
+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + G + 
Its late yes- but heres the solution! :)

reveiw: Elf Eyeliner Pen In Black

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I have to say that I really like this eyeliner pen! For so cheap the quality is pretty good! I like how it sits in my hand and is generally pretty easy to use! I definitely recomend this for a beginner or if u just need a cheap one because it IS only a $1.00 which is very nice. Easy to throw in a bag or clutch for touchups and such and for me it stayed on until I took it off which was nice.

The only downfall is after being used alot the tip frayed a bit which gives a thicker line but if you go slow it shouldnt be a problem, but for a dollar it can be replaced quite easily!

So in conclusion I like this eyeliner pen! &I would repurchase this because of the nice quality and the price (two important factors haha)!


Back To School Fashion Wishlist

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Here's what I'm hoping to buy for Back To School! This is the first post of my Back To School Series for August! I'll also do some YouTube Videos but I need to finish up getting supplies and do my clothes shopping. So here it is:

  • Cardigans
    • Black, Navy, Stripes, Charcoal/Grey
  • Shirts
    • basic v-necks or scoop necks,
      • black, white, navy, red, pink
    • more trendy tops (3-5)
      • pinks, reds, purples
  • Tank Tops
    • black, white, gray, purple, navy
  • Jeans
    • (2) Dark wash, bootcut
    • (1) dark wash, skinny
  • Scarves
    • lace white
    • plain red
  • Jewelry
    • vintage peices
    • bangles
    • feather earrings
  • White or black messenger bag
  • Dresses
  • white socks
  • undergarments
  • New black Flats
  • Running sneakers


A Bit Of Self Discovery

Friday, August 3, 2012

So you could say I've been doing a bit of self discovery lately. I always make a inspirational fashion board to hang up on my wall every summer before the school year starts. To have as obviously, Inspiration, for those days when I haven't a clue of what to wear!

So I made the one for  this year up- and I was looking through my closet at my favorite pieces, what I was drawn to in the newest issues of magazines that I have, and all my fashion related books.

Therefore, I know I have said I'm a boho girl; But recently as i've stared at my clothes, I've come to realize something.

I'm more of a girlie & Classic kinda gal.

I think I've always been inspired by the bohemian style because its so beautiful, effortless, carefree and intriuging. But looking at my clothes and what I tend to buy when I shop, the things that inspire me(including the boho), and the clothes in my closet? I'm not such a pure boho girl after all.

I'm more of a Classic and Girlie girl. With boho touches, but not full blown everthing bohemian. & If you did take a look at my closet; I mean its just that, bohemian inspired, just not everything bohemian.

I know i've said I'm 'All about boho' & I am TOTALLY all for it. But I wasn't realizing that its more of just an inspiration, something i'm drawn too, Something I think is exceptionally beautiful. Something I tend to pull inspiration from, but not neccisarily what I tend to wear.

Know what I mean? I sure hope you'all do!

I also gotta add tho, that I am sticking to what I said about not being that much of a trend girl. Although, I've noticed in Teen Vouge & Seventeen there seems to be alot of classic trends which I super-duper like, because it's timeless and the Classic style well, never goes out of style haha:) But I'm not an all out trend girl,  two or three trendy pieces if I really like them is what I usually buy.

So inconclusion with this long speal haha, Is the phrase that I have come up with that I have decided that sums my style up is:

'Classic & Girlie With A Hint Of Boho'


p.s. Back-To-School Fashion Wishlist Coming soon... Prolly Tomorow!:)


Thursday, August 2, 2012

D S B D O T F D V E I N T U M I S T C D 
I E Y O E T E I Q A R O E M X A R A D E 
T W T L L G O U E E G T K W W A S Q R T 
N T I S N D E M K L F T C I C U X E A L 
E G A I A S E A X Z D U A K A U I Y W E 
S G R O T E E R D C A B J L K P H S S B 
M F E R C R R H O O D E D V E S T N T J 
J G A W B T C B I R F E E R H Z A X R C 
R I C D Z A S T E G I R B U Z M P U I I 
N F N O P U L I O L F H U O R B E S N V 
D I A E L A P U A N B T U E A W P R G H 
W E L B U L B Y I W H U T Y T I L I T U 
T E T Z O U A V E J X T O M U R U C S N 
T A R L W M R R Z X E X P D R H M R U O 
I Q G J I F B E L L O N E B U T T O N S 
I K P S N U D E Z E P A C V B M L P S U 
N H G C D H Q F R A S R E M M U S P W O 
T N O R F E P A R D L S Q I E Z E E I L 
D E N I M Q B J X T V B W I X G C D N B 
K V N R A F S G Y N V A Q W W A P F G E 


33 of 33 words were placed into the puzzle.



Solution: Shirts & Blouses

Sunday, July 29, 2012

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + E + E P K W 
+ + + + + + + + + + + T + + V V + U C E 
R E D L U O H S T U O T U C E + S F E S 
K + P + + + + + + B + + + E E P + F N T 
+ C + O + + + + O + P + L + L + + E E E 
+ + E + R + + J + E + S + I S + + D R R 
+ + + N + T + G A + R + T + N + + S A N 
+ + + + R + R S N E + S + + O + + L U + 
+ + + + + A E A T I L + + + O + + E Q + 
+ + + + + N E T I E R + + + L + + E S + 
+ + + + T + U H E T M T + + L + + V + + 
+ + + + + L + V T + N A S + A + + E T C 
+ + + + F + E + + E + E N W B + + N + I 
E V E E L S L L O R E + C D A + O + + N 
J E W E L N E C K + + W T K A R + + + U 
+ + + + + + + + + + + + S E F R D + + T 
+ A S Y M M E T R I C A L T S + I + + + 
W R A P + + + D R O F X O + + R + A + + 
+ + + + + + + + + + + N + + + + O + N + 
+ + + + + + + + + + K + + + + + + C + + 

 Sorry guys, I've been like gone for a few days & so i'll explain why.
1. We had a tornado & we had no power (technically it was like a 'microblast' or somthing like that but noone knows what that is- or at least i didnt haha) and two HUGE trees fell outside my Aunts house, they hit her house, took out the gutter, almost crushed her car, and She now has a jungle for her front yard, and has to take a SUPER long way around near my house to even like get to her door. She's fine tho &so is my cousin but its still insane.
2. like i said i havent had power haha until yesterday
3. i've been working and have been kinda busy the past few days. Blah.

So yeah! So I'm back:)

a few things i'm totally loving at the moment

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

So this isn't my monthly favorites but i've just been loving this stuff lately and had to share haha:)

yepp. Hello Kitty Dial Soap. I LOVE IT. It smells sooooo good too!

Had this since May- My hair stylist gave it to me along with a little manicure set for Prom!
(does'nt say what the color is- sorry)

 SOooooooooooooooo amazing. I've had this since idk like novermber? there is only a little Bit left so I gotta repurchase this before school starts!

Got this earlier this month. SPF. Check. Light Coverage. Check. Perfect for summer? Yes.

(review coming soon) Really liking this. getting more used to the tip as i use it everyday.

Clinique eyeshadow in Buttermilk- my FAVORITE FAVORITE FAVORITE highlight color. I HIGHLY recomend this. If you can get your hand on this?! GET IT. Its matte and utterly pigmented and smooth, omgsh this is my 3rd sample palette with this color and as you can see i've made a dent. (used EVERDAY!)

Thrifting! I've been getting alota great deals lately. & I got this purse thifting, last friday, this is the  Queen by Queen Latifa (sorry if that's spelled wrong)

Radio Station. Country. Idk why but I've been listening to it ALOT recently.

Pride & Prejudice annd Lord of the Flies. Enough said. Lol. Classic novels everyone should read. (which I HAVE to read for my AP english class this upcoming year)

What things are YOU loving or hating- at the moment??


My hair & makeup for the day 7/23

Monday, July 23, 2012

Hey everyone! I just randomly decided to curl my hair & do my makeup. I feel so pretty when I'm all dolled up haha:) So For my hair I used a 1 in. curling iron by Vidal Sassoon - Its old and blue but hey it still works! &for my makeup I did some more coverage than i usually would because i've been breaking out a bit lately I was stressing out from work yesterday &woke up with a couple pimples. Joy. It happens tho haha. & I used E.l.f. Eyeliner waterproof pen (review coming up soon- Requested by Kelseylovescosmetics!) for my awesome cat eye- which turned out better than i planned bc no matter how hard i try it never looks good haha but it worked today! &Maybellines Falsies in Black Drama for my mascara.  So i hope you'all enjoy today's look and lemme know what you think! Oh, btw how are the word searches coming along?! :))

                                                                      these are UNEDITED btw  the lighting was just perfect.

p.s. Guess who's now hanging out with the birddd? ;) Follow me on twitter!

p.s. & Pinnin it!! Check out my pintrest!


Friday, July 20, 2012

So you remember that surprise that I promised!?

 I'm going to be making weekly FASHION wordsearch's for you'all!! You can copy and paste them into a Word Document and then print them out to do if you would like! Yepp, I made these myself and I did it with a free online word search maker.

Leave me a comment if you would like me to alternate between word searches and crosswords, if you do or don't love this idea or just anything you want!  My mom thought this would be a fun thing to put on my blog to make it more interesting! I'll prolly keep you guys hanging for a week and then the day before I post the next one I'll post the soulution to it and that way you can check your answers! Hope its not too hard! lol:)

Shirts & Blouses

A N B Y T X F B Z U X P E M G P H K X V 
V S P K F N D B M E U E A U R O A O B G 
R V Y U N I E U R F V N K V V R Q F G J 
U I W M G O B S F E D E C O W T Q I P E 
K Z N Q M V T E A A P T E F A R K A Y W 
D D Q Y T E D F R E E L N L O A L F E E 
R G E Y J S T I R S P J T Z S I H V D L 
O Y V Y L A N R R O G P R V E T X G N N 
F A E E W Y B O I N N M A V W N I Q D E 
X Z E G R F C O I C Q T E X I E O L W C 
O V L O A O O R T B A E H V Q C E A P K 
E V S K P X T C Y A L L T G P K A K Q S 
D S L U K S L H Q S D M E Q V K N F Y J 
W W L C W X M G N O E C E U D U H D L A 
H J O A P R M O R A K P W T U N I C P R 
L W R Y K G O E V E E L S T U O T U C Q 
I D P T Z L N R E T S E W Y C O W K G P 
L B L S L U T T E R S L E E V E V K J P 
P T O A S Q U A R E N E C K D P B V D T 
M D B Q X J C L V Y J U T O R R U R D E 


21 of 21 words were placed into the puzzle.


Just ordered some awesome books from amazon!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hey eveyone!
Just a quick post- since I'm sooooo excited about this-  I just ordered 4 fashion realated books from amazon! The 3 are supposed to be here next week ( July 25-28) but the 4th is one I bought on my kindle hehe:) Which I will prolly devourrrr tonight!! lol

1. Teen Vouge Handbook
               ~I've wanted this one for a long while since it first came out- I actually have a advertisment for it ripped out of a teen vouge magazine stuck in my blog/youtube notebook! hahah:)

2. Fashion 2.0 Blogging your way to the front row- the insiders guid to turning your fashion blog into a profitable buisness and launching a new carrer, vol 1.
             ~Ok- that is a LONG title. This is the book I bought for on my kindle fire because it was ALOT cheaper haha:) Found this one and thought that it would have good blogging tips and such haha

3. In Fashion: Runway to retail, Everything you need to know to break into the fashion industry
             ~This one isn't so much for my blog as for like potential future in fashion but I bought it because I want to major in Fashion Merchandising and I thought that it would be good to learn about retail and breaking into the industry.

4. Style Yourself
           ~I am SUPER excited about this one. I looked at the 'veiw the inside' thinger and OMGSH the picutes are amazing and realllllllllllllllllllllllly inspirational. &I was showing my mom the inside and theres alotta details about the clothing items themselves which will  be good for my fashion merchandising- and it also gave her an idea which she told me about and hehehe:) I think you guys will LOVEEE it:) It will be a weekly thing for ya;) I will talk more about it tommorow and maybe even have one all set and ready for ya'll tommorow;)

oh the suspense;)


The Clothes Vine

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My family is obsessed with bluegrass music, and every year we attend 'Bluegrass On The Grass'  a free bluegrass show at Dickinson College in Carlise, PA. There are a TON of stores in walking distance and we always go to one called The Clothes Vine. Since this year I have a blog- my mom suggested I call the store and feature them on my blog. So I called. And in conclusion I have a unique post today! Today, I'm featuring 'The Clothes Vine' a (beautiful) clothing boutique owned by a mother and daughter in Carlise, PA.

(btw in that picture above ^ thats my Aunt Sue on the left- she's not really my aunt but we call her that- my  younger sister in the middle and Ruthie in the black teeshirt behind my sister)

The Clothes Vine
Style's not an age.... Its an attitude.
134 West High Street
Carlise, PA 17013
(7170 249-7909
Women's & Junior's Apparel
Jewelry & Accessories
Unique Gifts



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