OOTD: Goverment Field Trip

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Hey! So my Advanced Goverment class went on a field trip today to meet a Congressman and listen to a couple lectures- and my Gov. Teacher told us to dress up! So here I am all dressed up- I sent a picture of this to my Best Friend before school started this morning and shes like "omg! You look like you came off the Gossip Girl Set!!" :) SO here is my Blair From Gossip Girl Inspired look for my Goverment field trip!
(p.s. you cant really see it but there is a white headband with a bow in my hair- you can see it more in pic #3)
(p.p.s my legs look weird- like i am crossing them, though i am not, my left leg is bent in front of my right and when I edited the contrast of the images you cant really see that- so just in case u were wondering why my legs look weird haha:) )

My kitty Sydney

I ABSOLUTELY loveee this picture! I think this is so cute and I love it so muchhh!!

Sydney again. To get the swirly effect as you click the button to take the image turn the camera quickly, dont move its position (or try to not move it as little as possible) but just turn it- i turned it to the right. (Just keep trying and eventually u:ll get a good one!)

Spaghetti. Mmmmmmm. with fresh basil. So delicious.
From dinner a few nights ago- so pretty I had to post a picture.... Thanks Mom!!


Recent Obsessions

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sunsets. So simple, so beautiful.
Different every night.

Coco Chanel. Elegance, class, sophistication.
Things that I want to have someday.

Making to do lists. My "compulsive obsession" says my mother. I like to be oganized; even though I am truthfully not THAT organized. Things have their places.

I go through phases. Purple pens, Sharpie pens, Black or blue pens for awhile.... This past couple months? RED PENS. For editing and doodling. They just make writing things so much more intersting.
I believe there are about 20+ in that cup not counting the ones randomly in my room, backpack, and downstairs desk. Yeah, random things that you LOVE.

Vouge. This thick beast is my copy of the Special Edition September Issue of Vouge. Those tabs sticking out are pages I have marked to draw inspiration from. Sad part? I havent even gotten through the whole thing yet I have been so busy. eck.

My kitty cat, whom you all probably know, Sydney. He helps me out by letting me play with his feather toy and teasing him with it to relieve stress and take a moment for just pure enjoyment. I love this cat. <3

What are your recent obsessions?


Waves & IPFTD

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Its been awhile sorry- life has been hitting me with waves of homework, work, band practices, and headaches. Ever since I started working my frequent posts have gone ka-put, and now that school has started?? Yeah, not so good. But work closes the 16th so after that I believe that I might be able to get back on my regular posting schedule.

So theres that quick note and here is a Inspirational Picture For The Day:

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