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Sunday, July 29, 2012

+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + E + E P K W 
+ + + + + + + + + + + T + + V V + U C E 
R E D L U O H S T U O T U C E + S F E S 
K + P + + + + + + B + + + E E P + F N T 
+ C + O + + + + O + P + L + L + + E E E 
+ + E + R + + J + E + S + I S + + D R R 
+ + + N + T + G A + R + T + N + + S A N 
+ + + + R + R S N E + S + + O + + L U + 
+ + + + + A E A T I L + + + O + + E Q + 
+ + + + + N E T I E R + + + L + + E S + 
+ + + + T + U H E T M T + + L + + V + + 
+ + + + + L + V T + N A S + A + + E T C 
+ + + + F + E + + E + E N W B + + N + I 
E V E E L S L L O R E + C D A + O + + N 
J E W E L N E C K + + W T K A R + + + U 
+ + + + + + + + + + + + S E F R D + + T 
+ A S Y M M E T R I C A L T S + I + + + 
W R A P + + + D R O F X O + + R + A + + 
+ + + + + + + + + + + N + + + + O + N + 
+ + + + + + + + + + K + + + + + + C + + 

 Sorry guys, I've been like gone for a few days & so i'll explain why.
1. We had a tornado & we had no power (technically it was like a 'microblast' or somthing like that but noone knows what that is- or at least i didnt haha) and two HUGE trees fell outside my Aunts house, they hit her house, took out the gutter, almost crushed her car, and She now has a jungle for her front yard, and has to take a SUPER long way around near my house to even like get to her door. She's fine tho &so is my cousin but its still insane.
2. like i said i havent had power haha until yesterday
3. i've been working and have been kinda busy the past few days. Blah.

So yeah! So I'm back:)

a few things i'm totally loving at the moment

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

So this isn't my monthly favorites but i've just been loving this stuff lately and had to share haha:)

yepp. Hello Kitty Dial Soap. I LOVE IT. It smells sooooo good too!

Had this since May- My hair stylist gave it to me along with a little manicure set for Prom!
(does'nt say what the color is- sorry)

 SOooooooooooooooo amazing. I've had this since idk like novermber? there is only a little Bit left so I gotta repurchase this before school starts!

Got this earlier this month. SPF. Check. Light Coverage. Check. Perfect for summer? Yes.

(review coming soon) Really liking this. getting more used to the tip as i use it everyday.

Clinique eyeshadow in Buttermilk- my FAVORITE FAVORITE FAVORITE highlight color. I HIGHLY recomend this. If you can get your hand on this?! GET IT. Its matte and utterly pigmented and smooth, omgsh this is my 3rd sample palette with this color and as you can see i've made a dent. (used EVERDAY!)

Thrifting! I've been getting alota great deals lately. & I got this purse thifting, last friday, this is the  Queen by Queen Latifa (sorry if that's spelled wrong)

Radio Station. Country. Idk why but I've been listening to it ALOT recently.

Pride & Prejudice annd Lord of the Flies. Enough said. Lol. Classic novels everyone should read. (which I HAVE to read for my AP english class this upcoming year)

What things are YOU loving or hating- at the moment??


My hair & makeup for the day 7/23

Monday, July 23, 2012

Hey everyone! I just randomly decided to curl my hair & do my makeup. I feel so pretty when I'm all dolled up haha:) So For my hair I used a 1 in. curling iron by Vidal Sassoon - Its old and blue but hey it still works! &for my makeup I did some more coverage than i usually would because i've been breaking out a bit lately I was stressing out from work yesterday &woke up with a couple pimples. Joy. It happens tho haha. & I used E.l.f. Eyeliner waterproof pen (review coming up soon- Requested by Kelseylovescosmetics!) for my awesome cat eye- which turned out better than i planned bc no matter how hard i try it never looks good haha but it worked today! &Maybellines Falsies in Black Drama for my mascara.  So i hope you'all enjoy today's look and lemme know what you think! Oh, btw how are the word searches coming along?! :))

                                                                      these are UNEDITED btw  the lighting was just perfect.

p.s. Guess who's now hanging out with the birddd? ;) Follow me on twitter!

p.s. & Pinnin it!! Check out my pintrest!


Friday, July 20, 2012

So you remember that surprise that I promised!?

 I'm going to be making weekly FASHION wordsearch's for you'all!! You can copy and paste them into a Word Document and then print them out to do if you would like! Yepp, I made these myself and I did it with a free online word search maker.

Leave me a comment if you would like me to alternate between word searches and crosswords, if you do or don't love this idea or just anything you want!  My mom thought this would be a fun thing to put on my blog to make it more interesting! I'll prolly keep you guys hanging for a week and then the day before I post the next one I'll post the soulution to it and that way you can check your answers! Hope its not too hard! lol:)

Shirts & Blouses

A N B Y T X F B Z U X P E M G P H K X V 
V S P K F N D B M E U E A U R O A O B G 
R V Y U N I E U R F V N K V V R Q F G J 
U I W M G O B S F E D E C O W T Q I P E 
K Z N Q M V T E A A P T E F A R K A Y W 
D D Q Y T E D F R E E L N L O A L F E E 
R G E Y J S T I R S P J T Z S I H V D L 
O Y V Y L A N R R O G P R V E T X G N N 
F A E E W Y B O I N N M A V W N I Q D E 
X Z E G R F C O I C Q T E X I E O L W C 
O V L O A O O R T B A E H V Q C E A P K 
E V S K P X T C Y A L L T G P K A K Q S 
D S L U K S L H Q S D M E Q V K N F Y J 
W W L C W X M G N O E C E U D U H D L A 
H J O A P R M O R A K P W T U N I C P R 
L W R Y K G O E V E E L S T U O T U C Q 
I D P T Z L N R E T S E W Y C O W K G P 
L B L S L U T T E R S L E E V E V K J P 
P T O A S Q U A R E N E C K D P B V D T 
M D B Q X J C L V Y J U T O R R U R D E 


21 of 21 words were placed into the puzzle.


Just ordered some awesome books from amazon!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hey eveyone!
Just a quick post- since I'm sooooo excited about this-  I just ordered 4 fashion realated books from amazon! The 3 are supposed to be here next week ( July 25-28) but the 4th is one I bought on my kindle hehe:) Which I will prolly devourrrr tonight!! lol

1. Teen Vouge Handbook
               ~I've wanted this one for a long while since it first came out- I actually have a advertisment for it ripped out of a teen vouge magazine stuck in my blog/youtube notebook! hahah:)

2. Fashion 2.0 Blogging your way to the front row- the insiders guid to turning your fashion blog into a profitable buisness and launching a new carrer, vol 1.
             ~Ok- that is a LONG title. This is the book I bought for on my kindle fire because it was ALOT cheaper haha:) Found this one and thought that it would have good blogging tips and such haha

3. In Fashion: Runway to retail, Everything you need to know to break into the fashion industry
             ~This one isn't so much for my blog as for like potential future in fashion but I bought it because I want to major in Fashion Merchandising and I thought that it would be good to learn about retail and breaking into the industry.

4. Style Yourself
           ~I am SUPER excited about this one. I looked at the 'veiw the inside' thinger and OMGSH the picutes are amazing and realllllllllllllllllllllllly inspirational. &I was showing my mom the inside and theres alotta details about the clothing items themselves which will  be good for my fashion merchandising- and it also gave her an idea which she told me about and hehehe:) I think you guys will LOVEEE it:) It will be a weekly thing for ya;) I will talk more about it tommorow and maybe even have one all set and ready for ya'll tommorow;)

oh the suspense;)


The Clothes Vine

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My family is obsessed with bluegrass music, and every year we attend 'Bluegrass On The Grass'  a free bluegrass show at Dickinson College in Carlise, PA. There are a TON of stores in walking distance and we always go to one called The Clothes Vine. Since this year I have a blog- my mom suggested I call the store and feature them on my blog. So I called. And in conclusion I have a unique post today! Today, I'm featuring 'The Clothes Vine' a (beautiful) clothing boutique owned by a mother and daughter in Carlise, PA.

(btw in that picture above ^ thats my Aunt Sue on the left- she's not really my aunt but we call her that- my  younger sister in the middle and Ruthie in the black teeshirt behind my sister)

The Clothes Vine
Style's not an age.... Its an attitude.
134 West High Street
Carlise, PA 17013
(7170 249-7909
Women's & Junior's Apparel
Jewelry & Accessories
Unique Gifts




Saturday, July 14, 2012

I have an elf haiul for youuuuuuuu!!!! These are the pictures of the products I bought yesterday, I filmed a haul video but i havent uploaded it yet, I actually have two hauls to upload, a rite aid one and the one from yesterday tho I'm thinking that I will probably re-record that one when I get back home.

Eyeliner & Shadow Stick in Basic/ Brown $3.00

Blush in Pink Passion $3.00

waterproof eyeliner pen $1

eyelid primer $1

blotting sheets $1

Custom compact $1

4 eyeshadows in; Ivory, Truely Pink, Wheat, And Driftwood ($1 each)

in total i spent i think $14.80-something cents
hope you liked!!


Sydney Snippets: the cat's meow#1

Friday, July 13, 2012

Since I (thee Cat) am home alone- since the family left for the weekend I decided to check out Kelsey's 'Blog' and decided I would surprise her and do a post. Since I spend my day's sleeping in her room- preferably in her closet on her shelves; Usually on her sweatpants or random teeshirts which I have laid claim too, I decided to stay awake for a bit and do a post. hehehehe. She has nooo idea that I even knew how to put the password into her laptop- I'm lucky she left it open though because as being in the feline species- I (sadly) have no aposable thumbs. *tear* So I decided when she's at work or is away I will do my OWN series of posts. As long as the dog doesnt find out about this; it will be fun. It's not like I dispise the dog- but as a feline we are just naturally enemies of sorts. Ya know? Cat's and dogs- the two just dont mix. Well that's all for now I believe- I'm off to snuggle some black sweatpants ;)

ta ta &meows.
~ Sydney

Teen Vouge

Monday, July 9, 2012

Has anyone else noticed how much Teen Vouge has CHANGED in the last couple months? Usually I just skim through it then put it on my shelf, but I think since around May, I've been looking forward to the magazine coming in the mail each month.I've actually really read the articles and looked at the pictures! They must've uped thier game or somthing to compete more with Seventeen Magazine, and they really hitting the mark. I got the magazine a few days ago but didnt open it till yesterday and WOW. I was marking pages, and reading all the articles.... you can say I was pretty impressed. So impressed I had to do a post about how impresses i was hahaha 

&btw i am so proud of myself, i managed to check off every item on my to do list today... I'm pumped.
&I got a new phone todaaaay, Samsung Brightsideee. Pretty cool little phone. haha


so i'm thinking that I just have good luck finding purses

Friday, July 6, 2012

.... yepp. It's friday and that means working at the reatail shop today! It's a bag sale which means that you can fill a brown paper bag (like a grocery one) and you can fill it with as much as you can and you only have to pay$5.00 per bag. So I filled a bag, I got a sheer top with a cute detail around the coller, a bright blue dress, a blazer/cardigan thing, fancy black gloves, purple bowtie which i'm going to turn it into a headband, and then 3 purses. I have yet to take pictures of the purses for on here but when i do I'll put them in a new post, so I was in the back room looking at the purses and this one catches my eye and i pull it down and look inside and guess what the label said ( I seem to have alot of these moments :P )...... COACH. yepp. Coach. Guess who is totally and utterly excited?! Me:) haha Its small and navy and I need to look around the store and see if i can find the long strap thath goes on it- to use as a cross body but it has this cute little handle and ohhh man i'm just so excited. I just have good luck finding purses hahaha:) I hope it continues!

i'll post pictures soon:)


Moon to Moon: A Santa Monica Home...

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Moon to Moon: A Santa Monica Home...

Love bohemian decor? Check out this post by Moon to Moon!!! Love love loveeeee!!!!


5 Things

                                     1. Spend less time worrying about what others think.

2. Say 'yes' more often.

3. Listen to that little voice.

4. Have faith.

5. Do your best.


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