Paris Amour

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Paris Amour

I have been obsessing with Paris, France recently. I cant wait till I get to visit next May and I am counting down the days until I get to hop on that plane and go to Europe. I have this fantasy about backpacking through Europe after I graduate college, if that happens then it will be a amazing blogging experience! 

This look is focused on the floral pant using black accessories to match the black in the backround of the floral. I picked such a dark color scheme thinking about a cloudy day roaming paris, looking super chic but being warm and comfortable at the same time. Obviously going with a beanie for warmth and a red lip! (I'm obsessing with red lips atm) 

On a different note, got my hair done this morningggg;) it is totally gorgeous and just what i wanted! You will be getting a big reveal soon;) oh, btw... I leave for college sat.. OMGSH. -.- 


I'm So Studious: E.L.F Matte Lip Color Lipstick

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I'm so studious with my nerd classes and my red lip stick. So the lipstick is what this blog post is about today! This E.L.F Matte Lip Color in Rich Red: seriously so beautiful and such a steal. I actually found this at the Dollar Tree (where everything is $1) and I was like E.L.F at this Store? I also saw some Milani makeup and I was going to snatch it all up but I decided to be a good girl and just treat myself to one thing, and since I LOVE to rock red lips- I picked the red lipstick ;)

I really like this matte lipstick, I like the vibrancy of the color, the price, the packaging ( will fit easily in my pencil pouch for school), the formula of it. For the price you really do get a good item! I would totally recommend it! 

It is from the E.L.F. studio line so normally those items are $3 so I believe if I hadn't purchased it there I would of had to buy it at the full $3 price which isn't bad as the full price whatsoever :D

Whats your favorite lip color?


This Is My Before Picture Face

Monday, August 26, 2013

If your new to my blog you wouldn't have yet met the cat in this picture: this is Sydney my American Shorthaired Male kitty:D He's my baby<3 

So this image is probably the last image of my hair as is you will be seeing for awhile ( say what? ) 
Yeah! On thursday my hair is going to be changing ;) I won't say what color (or is it highlights of some sort? Hmmmmm) but I would love to see what yours guesses would be! Leave a comment below ;) I will most likely be making a post all about it on thursday morning after it gets done because I am sure you guys will be wondering ;)

I know its crazy to do this right before I am leaving for University (saturday... omg 5 days) but I really wanted something different and I felt as if my hair was looking a bit dull so I wanted to spice it up a bit;)

That's all Folks!


Dorm Sweet Dorm: Decor Inspiration

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Dorm Room

Hey guys! Haven't been on here for a few days :(  I was going to post something yesterday and took pictures for it and everything but then, my phone fell in water and is now like... idk its alive but the screen isnt working so I didnt get to upload the pictures. I went to a CVS yesterday and bought some products from Rimmel London to try because I have a eyeshadow trio that i LOVE, so I wanted to try some of the other products(I bought a foundation, powder, gel eyeliner, and mascara). I'll try them for a few days then use my webcam to take pictures if my phone doesnt revive itself. -.-

As you can see from this polyvore post, its Dorm inspired! I move in next saturday the 31st and my last day of work is the 26th (only 2 more days!), and as you can see by all the school related posts and polyvore images that I am one EXCITED girl for college.

I have a few back to school posts in mind and I am hoping to get them up while I am at Univ. and the next few days as I get my stuff together but truthfully I have no idea if that will happen for sure since its pretty chaotic right now. & Plus we have a whole 'welcome week' schedule once I am at Univ. so we are doing stuff constantly; so the only time I would be able to put up a post is late at night for the first couple days till welcome week is over. I'm hoping once I have a few days of classes and getting used to everything I will be able to come up with a weekly schedule that would be made up of a couple regular postings even though there wont be as many as there have been during this summer. I am sure you-all understand.

Any tips for this college freshman to be?


HAUL: Charlotte Russe + Hello Kitty

Monday, August 19, 2013

Long time no see eh? whaaaat? Ya think i'm skipping out on ya? Oh no, I might be heading to college soon but my blog and readers are always on my mind <3 
Went to Charlotte Russe yesterday on my way home from vacation! ;)

Only bought two items ( well actually, my mother did ) but they will for sure be staples and wont be the last items I get!     Remember that Kohls gift card I magically found, well there was also a target one for $10 so I will have a haul for ya once I decide on what I want at school :)

Beautiful Chevron maxi skirt! It sits like at my waist.. like my natural under the bust really high waist.. and personally I love it and cant wait to style it! It is like a pale olive green and white Chevron. 

And under it is a short slip, so my legs kinda show through. Not this season but its still super prettyyyyyy. And Yeah I'm a fashion major and I should follow trends but I kinda tend to beat to my own drum and look for sale items (this was $12) xD 

AHHH! GUYSSS!! I found a shirt like the one I had found on polyvore! The one from my back to school outfits that looked like this but was I think like a aqua color(?) I found a rusty pink one! Onnnn saleeeee! $7.50 uhmmm.... can you say good deal and a happy Kelsey!?!

These are NOT from Charlotte Russe, but my grandmother bought these for me as a surprise and gave them to me when I saw her wednesday night, because of my hello kitty obsession ;) i might just wear them... like ALOT.

Are you obsessed with hello kitty too??


Inspiration: 15 August 2013

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Inspiration Galore

So I have a Inspirational post for you-all today! I seriously love making these polyvore posts! So for this look I have a cute outfit for fall with two bag options along with lots of hair inspiration! I chose the text of 'Come As You Are' because with 16 days until school starting I have been thinking a lot about being myself and how I'm going to act when I meet new people and such. So 'Come As You Are' is in relation to that!
So an update- I got my nails done Monday! For the first time I went and had acrylics (white Tips) done and I really love them, except its taking some time getting used to typing on my computer keys. (Should I do a post about my experience of getting my nails done, Cost and pictures? Leave a comment below!)


All eyes on the shoes

Monday, August 12, 2013

Shoes in the Spotlight

Sorry for all the Polyvore posts and not something more interesting. My days as I come closer to college are getting hectic and I'm getting less time to blog which makes me sad. I'm going to try as hard as I can during the school months to blog a couple times a week. I really hope that works out!

So Today I made a party look, and I wanted to have the shoes be the spotlight. So I put a black dress with a black blazer so the shoes can be any color and the would look good. My favorites are the red pair, the floral pair, and the aqua blue/turquoise pair.

Which pair is your favorite?

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