{School} Drunk on Books

Friday, May 20, 2016

Finals Week Fashion

Baseball tee / Miss Selfridge distressed jeans / Silver shoes / The North Face backpack, $97 / Vinyl revolution, $15 / Fendi makeup / Home decor / Kate Spade office accessory

Finals week is the source of stress for college students. Beyond all the papers, projects, meetings, extra curricular activities, and tests that we have throughout the entire year, finals week with the final exams and mock interviews, and presentations is the last hurdle to get through. Beyond the last final is three months of pure freedom from school books.

Today's look is similar to things that I wear during finals week. Comfortable shirt, my favorite jeans and sturdy shoes to move you from one side of campus to the other. For makeup, I would keep it very simple. A winged eyeliner, and my glasses will do. Hair is probably in a bun or a half bun look. A heavy duty backpack, keeps all my books at bay, and a sketchbook, for jotting down ideas when I need a break from the computer screen. And don't forget the cute pens, hello Kate Spade ;) 

I thought the "drunk on books" shirt was perfect for finals week. I love to read, and then during finals week you are doing a TON of extra reading. 

I hope you all power through your final exams! 

{Lifestyle} 3 Ways to Save Money as a Planner Addict

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Sorry I haven't posted for a few days, I've been busy at home and this weekend I'm at my apartment with my boyfriend, but we aren't doing too much today so I managed to get in a post :) 

As a planner addict I am constantly looking for new ways to play with my planners without breaking my college student budget. I’ve come up with a couple of ways to utilize what you have, and stick to a limited budget.

1)   Utilize Dollar Tree: We all know how adorable all of the Target Dollar Spot goodies are, everything for a dollar is fantastic! But I think sometimes people forget about Dollar Tree.  As you know, everything there is a dollar as well! Just the other day I found some cute washi tapes, as well as sets of mini washi tape. If you have a happy planner, the mini size fit the headers perfectly across. But the sets are adorable! They have 7 mini rolls in one of those sets for a dollar. Each set has a color theme to them, and all the themes are so cute!

2)   Arc System Products From Staples: If you have a Happy Planner then you know that they released a new “mini” size for the discs for the planners. I know as someone who only uses a few months at a time, I was definitely eyeing those up. Well, I was in Staples after I was in dollar tree, and I was walking around and ended up finding the Arc System goodies from staples… big hint… everything fits the happy planner. They had mini discs!! For 2.49$! And they had pink ones! As well as other colors, and for 2.49$ you can bet right I bought a set. They don’t have the heart in the middle as Happy Planner does, but they are just as cute and for the price I was fine with it. They are 10$ on the HP site as well as Amazon, and then you’d have to pay for shipping. So 2.49$ is a steal. AND- They have things such as a pen holder, little zipper pouch, paper refills (good for if you have the “BIG” planner, or you could also do a bit of maneuvering with the paper trimmer), but they had a set of “to-do” lists that were simple with lines, and I wanted a set (it’s a huge pack for 4.99) but, I decided that I would wait to get those. But, I was thinking for 4.99 and how much paper was in the set, it was definitely a good price.

3)   Utilize Your Pen: I love typography, and last week in my happy planner (look at my instagram to see the second half of the week) I used mostly typography in my planner. I created little banners and boxes and utilized capital and cursive letters, and don’t forget the space between the letters, to add something different as well. Pens are something that everyone has, and they can be used just as well as stickers and washi tape.  

{Travel} Home to the States

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

By the time that you are reading this, I will be back in the states. Safely snuggled next to my boyfriend in the car on the way to his family's house from the airport.  Then home to my house on Friday.

My time here in Ireland has been incredible to say the least. I've learned a lot about myself, as I traveled around Ireland and other countries with just a backpack, done things outside of my comfort zone, and made friends with strangers. I've found a home here in Ireland, and I have this unexplained feeling of being torn; I am so ready to go home, to be reunited with my boyfriend and family, but also so not ready to leave. 

I can't describe how beautiful Ireland is. It is so green, the people are so kind, and views oh so beautiful. My great-great-great grandmother was from Ireland, county WestMeath. While I wasn't able to visit there and try to find out more about her, I have fallen in love with the country that was her home. I want to bring my own family here someday, to show them Ireland with all it's beauty, and mysteries, show them its glory. 

I'm proud to be Irish, and I'm grateful I had the chance to live in this beautiful place. I'm going to miss it so much. 


{Lifestyle} May Goals

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Setting goals is one of my favorite parts of a new month. Besides changing the number of the date from 4 to 5, and the fresh start of a new month in my planner *heart eye emoji* setting goals is one of my favorite things. I love the challenge of reaching them and feeling so accomplished after I check them off. 

  • Continue working out every weekday: I have been doing really well on going to the gym daily. I'm quite proud of myself and have noticed a huge difference in my life, from sleeping better, to looking fitter, to being happier. The change is amazing. 
  • Clean out my room: I don't want to think about what kind of a state my room at home is in. I already know it is going to be a mess, and since I am moving in with Jordan, it is about time I really and truly "haul shit out". 
  • Continue blogging: I've been doing pretty well with blogging fairly regularly in April, and I have so many ideas for posts this month. 
  • Enjoy time with my family: After being away from my family for the past three months, I am ready to see them and spend lots of time with them, and my boyfriend. 

{Work Out} May Gym Inspiration

Monday, May 2, 2016

May Gym Inspiration

Patagonia seamless sports bra, €43 / NIKE strappy sports bra, €45 / NIKE white sports bra, €23 / The North Face clothing, €22 / Print pants, €13 / I Work Out Just Kidding I Take Naps Workout Tank Gym Tank Lifting Tank..., €16 / WearAll stretch waist pants, €11 / Legging pants, €13 / New look, €5,10 / NIKE lightweight shoes, €93 / Tie shoes, €100 / Nike shoes, €66 / Band do white bag, €26 / Hair styling tool, €7,77 / Victoria s Secret kitchen dining, €17 / Premium Marrakesh Yoga Mat (5mm), €26

April has ended and now we are at the beginning of a brand new month, which is super exciting! I'm doing a gym inspiration post today, this week marks 5 weeks of my new lifestyle and I couldn't be happier. I've made some great progress so I wanted to create a set with some cute clothes to inspire you to hit the gym! It doesn't have to be a excruciating process, just a simple 40 minute session on the bike a couple days a week will make more difference than you realize. I've just been doing mostly basic stuff, like the bike, elliptical and the treadmill, 45 mins a day, 5 days a week. When I get home (in two days- what?!) I have plans to get some more workout leggings, because I only have one pair I really like and they have a couple of small holes I need to fix. 

Where is your favorite place to get cute workout gear? 

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