Late.... But about my prom!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Since I'm a junior and didn't go to prom last year as a sophmore it was my first prommmmmm!! It was SO MUCH FUN! So my boyfriend and I arrived in a firetruck! (Sirens, lights, and everything! lol)
The theme was "World Cruise" so inside there were different countries, we had egpyt, france, new york city, and something china (haha) A group of my friends and I sat in the new york city section when we ate dinner there was a skyline with city buildings with holes cut out with lights behind them so it looked like the windows were lit up! It was neat! The dinner was done buffet style, I had a slimmer selection than everyone else because I am vegetarian sometimes pescatarian(eats fish but no red meat and personally i dont eat chicken eathier lol i guess i'll do a post on that sometime in the future(!) haha) yay me haha, but it was still delicious! The music was greatttt and the dancing was so much fun, lots of fun memories made! Afterwords I had a afterparty that went intill 2 the next morning haha which was quite fun :) So in this short little ditty that was my prom:) I lovedddd it!!!!!!! :)


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