Mirror mirror on the wall

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Mirror Mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all? YOU ARE<3
So today I have one item to show you and that is this absolutely STUNNING necklace from Princess Vera Wang (available at Kohls). I don't know what the name of the necklace is but I'm sure it would not be to hard to find since it is  such a memorable piece. The tag does not say a name for it but it does say VTRU0118 so I think you might be able to find it using that(? I'm not really sure- sorry :/ ).  This necklace was a total steal because it was only $3- yes really :D It was 90% off- so that was really nice! Kohls always has really awesome sales so before you head to JCPenny or Bon Ton make sure you check out the sale racks at Kohls because they are amazing. 
And if you were wondering what 'Belle du jour' means, I translated it and it means 'Beautiful of the day' which I thought is such a uplifting thing to see when you open the locket part of the necklace and see a little mirror reflecting back. Its seriously going to be my new favorite necklace <3



  1. Ahh this is soo cute! I love anything with butterflies on it though ;)

    Lorraine xx

    1. Thanks! & Me toooooooooo I love butterflies! :D Thanks for the comment!


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