Christmas in July... well August

Friday, August 2, 2013

I've always kinda made fun of the term 'Christmas in July' until today (Even though its August now its still close enough to July to say that haha)- I've been off work because of having my wisdom teeth pulled and until about a hour ago I was watching Planet of the Apes and having a marathon, but I decided to clean my room/closet and in the process of going through a box that had a couple of envelopes inside it. I opened the first card and it was from a friend of mine who moved over christmas break 2012, then I opened the second card... Low and behold... was a Kohls gift card that I had COMPLETELY forgotten about for $25. How ironic. &therefore when looking at it with wonder I thought about Christmas in July... Well August. So there ya are, my interesting post for the day :)

&I've decided that I will use the gift card for some school clothes shopping once I'm at college- so be on the lookout for that Haul in a few weeks (I move into my dorm on August 31st I am SOOOOOOOO excited).

Funny how things work out isn't it?
I had been sad I wouldn't get to do much school clothes shopping and what do ya know :)



  1. I am happy for you. You don't get that often. Do you need anything in particular? I would buy a souvenir with that card.

    1. Thanks! & No- I dont need anything in particular but I am going to give school a week to see whats 'in style' on my campus and spend it according to that haha :)


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