I've got some exciting news!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

So a few days ago I got my senior pictures done-
and it had a interesting ending...

For the one shot I sat on a vintage trunk in the middle of a back road. the back round(trees fence ect) was absolutely GORGEOUS&real!

So my photographer kept saying how easy I was to photograph and then she took some pictures of me sitting on the trunk and asked me a question...

"Do you want to model?"

you can imagine what went through my brain.


"Yeah! I need a jewelry model for some pictures of jewelry that I am taking and I think you would be perfect!"

And then She also tells me she wants to do photoshoots with models and wants me to do that as well... and That I would be the advertisement for that project!!!!!!

I am so excited! People tell me alot I should model.... and well... Im going to get to!!!

Just thought I should share with you all:)

I'll post pictures when we take them! It wont be till more late fall/winter till we take them- but it's something to definitely look forward too!!



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