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Saturday, May 11, 2013

So its May. And I am pathetic because I havent been keeping up on my 'Promise' to blog more. Well, I would bore you with the details but noone wants to read that. It boils down to work and school coliding = Kelsey having no time (and therefore never turning on her computer). Although Blogger is on my phone... I prefer typing it on my laptop. So speaking of Laptops.

Its May.

Which means graduation, which means, IN A FEW DAYS IM ORDERING MY NEW COMPUTER!!! Im getting a Macbook Pro(Paid for by ME, Kelsey. which I have saved$$$$ for). I am hoping to also film YouTube videos on that computer (because it will have a decent webcam and editing software) so be PREPAREDDDDDDDDDDD to see this all coming up fast. YouTube Videos, and OOTD's, and MORE MORE MORE bloging from this girl (who is currently lacking).

Graduation will be here in what feels like no time. I currently have 10 days of high school left. It cannot end fast enough lol.
I am ready to start something new.

Okay, so my other news I want to share is something incredible (well for me anyway). So yes, I have a Fashion blog, I am in a Fashion related major... and in May 2014.... I AM GOING TO PARIS! For school! The Fashion department is going to Paris!!! And I am so going:)  So I am super Excited to be able to blog while Im in Paris, and share OOTD, and photos that I take!!:)

So with that Being said....



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