Concert Chic

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Concert Chic

I've really been into concerts recently. My spotify account is like FILLED with the XX, the killers, coldplay, one republic, lana del ray, and coachella playlists from 2013 & 14. I am super excited for concert season to hurry and get here. Our "big" festival/concert for univ. is this weekend and if it was warmer I would be wearing something like one of these outfits. I might wear something like the on on the left if it is cooler. I love the look of the band tees. I really want to get a few with some of my favorite bands on them.

I've also been really into the "hipster" look recently. My personal tumblr is kinda FULL of hipster fashion images. I don't know why but I love the artistic side of it, and the freedom that is behind it. Continuing on with the personal style rant, I have been thinking more and more recently about how I really have no idea what my personal style is. I know what I WISH it was but compared to what it actually is? That is a whole different story. I'm sure I will figure it out eventually.

Is everyone excited for summer? I am ridiculously excited for the summertime... Remember how I've been annoyingly counting down till my Paris trip? Yupp... its getting closer... as in 19 days. But don't worry because there will be lots of pictures and probably OOTD's since how cool would a OOTD from France be?

Alright, I should be doing homework. 




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