I'm Ready For NO Homework

Friday, May 5, 2017

Why, hi! Long time no see, eh?

It's me, Kelsey and I hope you are having a fantastic day.
My college career has come to an end. Which is terrifying and exciting, and I am beyond ready. I am ready for NO MORE HOMEWORK. Listen, for my fellow college peeps we've had homework for aprox. 17 YEARS. And I'm ready to be done, and walk across a stage and get a very expensive piece of paper that proves I went to college. 

But, good things are happening in my life. Jordan and I just moved (last week) into our new apartment. It is lovely, I have an office again, but now we have hardwood floors and an amazing kitchen. Backyard space and basement storage. No more apartment buildings for us!! Nala (our cat- you haven't met her yet unless you follow me on Instagram from time to time) loves the hard floors, super easy to bat her toys around and skid on.  We have a bit less storage space, 4 closets down to 1, but that is a sacrifice I am willing to make.

Also, I am going to start my full-time job on May 15th which is a fantastic feeling. I have a job at a Art Gallery, and I am beyond excited. It's not quite graphic design, but the owner and I have been talking about doing an email newsletter and updating their website, which are skills that I have ;)
But having a job like a gallery will allow me to do my own work on the side. I'd love to blog again, film youtube videos (for my planner ladies- I just subscribed to the planner society kit and I am SO excited. Stay tuned for that!),  work on my photography and my graphic design.

That's all for now! 


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