A Bit Of Self Discovery

Friday, August 3, 2012

So you could say I've been doing a bit of self discovery lately. I always make a inspirational fashion board to hang up on my wall every summer before the school year starts. To have as obviously, Inspiration, for those days when I haven't a clue of what to wear!

So I made the one for  this year up- and I was looking through my closet at my favorite pieces, what I was drawn to in the newest issues of magazines that I have, and all my fashion related books.

Therefore, I know I have said I'm a boho girl; But recently as i've stared at my clothes, I've come to realize something.

I'm more of a girlie & Classic kinda gal.

I think I've always been inspired by the bohemian style because its so beautiful, effortless, carefree and intriuging. But looking at my clothes and what I tend to buy when I shop, the things that inspire me(including the boho), and the clothes in my closet? I'm not such a pure boho girl after all.

I'm more of a Classic and Girlie girl. With boho touches, but not full blown everthing bohemian. & If you did take a look at my closet; I mean its just that, bohemian inspired, just not everything bohemian.

I know i've said I'm 'All about boho' & I am TOTALLY all for it. But I wasn't realizing that its more of just an inspiration, something i'm drawn too, Something I think is exceptionally beautiful. Something I tend to pull inspiration from, but not neccisarily what I tend to wear.

Know what I mean? I sure hope you'all do!

I also gotta add tho, that I am sticking to what I said about not being that much of a trend girl. Although, I've noticed in Teen Vouge & Seventeen there seems to be alot of classic trends which I super-duper like, because it's timeless and the Classic style well, never goes out of style haha:) But I'm not an all out trend girl,  two or three trendy pieces if I really like them is what I usually buy.

So inconclusion with this long speal haha, Is the phrase that I have come up with that I have decided that sums my style up is:

'Classic & Girlie With A Hint Of Boho'


p.s. Back-To-School Fashion Wishlist Coming soon... Prolly Tomorow!:)


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