reveiw: Elf Eyeliner Pen In Black

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I have to say that I really like this eyeliner pen! For so cheap the quality is pretty good! I like how it sits in my hand and is generally pretty easy to use! I definitely recomend this for a beginner or if u just need a cheap one because it IS only a $1.00 which is very nice. Easy to throw in a bag or clutch for touchups and such and for me it stayed on until I took it off which was nice.

The only downfall is after being used alot the tip frayed a bit which gives a thicker line but if you go slow it shouldnt be a problem, but for a dollar it can be replaced quite easily!

So in conclusion I like this eyeliner pen! &I would repurchase this because of the nice quality and the price (two important factors haha)!



  1. wow, I had two of those. I really really liked them, but they dried out too fast! Come back soon, hun <3

    1. Mine haven't dried out yet haha but I will have to see how much longer it lasts! haha :)


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