I love November & Christmas Wishlist

Sunday, November 4, 2012

So this weekend we (Mom, sister and I) repainted my room! No more aqua blue and lime green! I am on to a beautiful more sohpisticated light pink called Ballet Slipper! I will post pictures soon of before and after but I wont do that until my paint has fully set and I can hang things on the walls! Give me a few more days and I will definintely be having that up soon. I also need to start the wordsearches back up again... hymmmm.... I will have to get on that... winter clothing wordsearches!:)

And since my room is newly painted i will start up doing youtube videos again so you guys can eventually get a tour but atm my laptop needs more memorryyyyyyy(!!!!) in order for me to do that- so eventually I will get working on that.

oh, how I love november. Because its the month before christmas and i love lounging around my house in leggings and long sleeved shirts and eventually seeing the snow outside. I love thanksgiving and then november turning into december and then doing field trips/singing for choir- its just a absolute blast!!  So speaking of how Christmas is in a month and a half... i decided i would post what i am wishing for this Christmas... I know its early but I am excited! And in a couple weeks I am bound to be listening to Christmas musicc:D so anyway, on to the list!!!

  • White Ipod Touch W/Camera
  • Mannaquin
  • Victoria Secret Pink Body Spray
  • Lauren Conrad Beauty Book ( I have her book on Style and it is amazinggggggg!)
  • Subscription to Vouge
  • Coco Chanel: The Legend & The Life by Justine Piccirdie
  • Fancy Stationary (Creme colored) & Fountian Pen
  • Taylor Swift's new CD- Red
  • and of course.... New Clothes:):):):):):)
Hope you have a great Monday tommorow!

p.s. Whats on YOUR 2012 Christmas list??? :D


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