Thanksgiving was wonderful

Friday, November 23, 2012

I had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday filled with lots of family and laughter. We celebrated with another family of 4 that we consider part of our own. It was so wonderful, and afterwords the 4 of us 'Kids' watched Toy Story and Toy Story 2. It was like de ja' vu because we have not spent time together like that in a long time. We laughed so much and noticed things in the movies that you wouldnt really notice until you were older. It was quite amusing!

Dinner was amazing, I dont eat meat or chicken though so I didnt eat any of the smoked turkey but everything else was definitely so amazing:) mashed potatos, pineapple 'gloop' (pineapples with crushed ritz crackers, honey and some butter hehe it was amazing), green beans, stuffing, creasant roles and much much more :)

I played it simple with what I wore to dinner last night- I wore dark jeans, a charcoal grey v-neck shirt, with a dark purple circle scarf, pretty dangley heart earrings, and my hair curled. I really liked the outfit hehe:)

After everyone left my sister and I went upstairs to my room and played with my different lipstick samples from AVON, and I ended up creating a beautiful winter look that was so simple but so very pretty perfect for the winter months and also what I am wearing tonight when I go iceskating with my friends!! (cant wait for that!), I took pictures which i will put up soon (I need more memory on my computer first before I can download any more pictures: which stinks but hopefully it will be fixed soon). I also took pictures of how I did my hair for Thanksgiving as well, step by step, it didnt turn out as well as i thought it would but it was a different curling iron than the one I normally use (curling wand) and because the curling wand gets hotter faster and you dont have to hold it as long, I go impatient quickly haha.

OH! Also at my last hair cut appointment 2 weeks ago I ended up having my hair stylist cut bangs for me! I reallly like them and everyone else does too, i've been gettting lots of compliments on my hair recently its kinda funnny haha. OHHH!! Bigger news, every year for the Seniors in the year book we do a 'Who's Who' for ex. best hair, best smile, best laugh... things like that. And I'm sure you will love what i ended up getting..... BEST DRESSED!!!!!!!!:) I'm sure you can imagine how excited I was and still definitely Am! :)

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and stay safe driving to and fro :)



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