I know...

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Alright, alright, alright. Ya got me. I NEEDDDDD to start blogging again, but really though. This college thing is rough.
 And you can see the white background in the picture? I am in the laundry room in my dorm doing my laundry;) I still have awhile till its all done so I thought I would do a blog post in between my studying and working on papers. I have TWO tests tomorrow-blah. So maybe I will reward myself with a blog post after I get done with them ;) I would love to sit around blogging all day and have my roommates take OOTD pictures for me. Maybe I will have them do that for me at one point of time. 

I should just stop making excuses and start blogging again weekly but I really want to do well in school, and until I find a routine its going to have to be this way for awhile and I sincerely do apologize.

So thats all- just wanted to say hi and tell you that 


I think about you all everyday



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