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Thursday, September 5, 2013

haaaayyyyy is for horses so I'll say hey(:

I'm a cheeseball yes, but I'm a happy girl for I am settling in nicely as a college freshman. So today I have more of a college related post for you guys: telling you about my first couple days of class, the adjustments, and so far my top 5 tips.

So the first couple days consisted of WW (welcome week); EVERYTHING was planned out, like seriously from wake up time to going to sleep was literally planned out for me and all the other freshman. Some of the stuff was mandatory but some things were not.
So tip #1. take ADVANTAGE of these group activities and silly ice-breakers to introduce yourself to people and make friends outside of the ones on your dorm hall. I've kinda stuck with my dorm hall friends but I also knew some other people outside the classroom already from orientation and my major day.

Once welcome week is done CONGRATS! Your now own your own. So therefore comes tips 2-5

#2 My college requires freshman to have thee unlimited meal plan; from what upperclassmen have been telling me... USE IT TO YOUR ADVANTAGE while its unlimited.

#3 Join a club or organization to keep you busy- it also looks great on a resumé to be more well rounded. I joined the Soccer Club- do I know how to play soccer? He-Double hockey sticks-no! But is it fun? YES- I get to learn a new sport, exercise, and socialize with the upperclassmen who play (although the club I am in is dominated by the male gender but thats okay- it allows me to get more rough). I also will be doing Campus Ministry, and the Fashion Club.

#4 TIME MANAGEMENT: This is a BIGGGGG ONE. I have all my classes along with my work study in the morning and am done with all my classes and work study by 3:20 everyday of the week. So what I do is I get all the homework done that I can until say, 4:30-5PM because thats normally when soccer practice is or more recently the varsity games have been starting. So i tackle the hard homework first- go to soccer practice or a game as a reward, eat dinner, and go back to studying and doing homework. I've only had a couple days but I have been successful at getting things done now compared to putting things off in high school. You will know what I mean when you get here as well, you have to come to the realization that you PAY for these classes, the money you saved up from your two summer jobs will in return pay for that english class you took first term.

#5 You have to realize college is A LOT different then HS; this tip sort of relates to #4 but I forgot the other one  I wanted to write about so here ya go. Be prepared. There are no parents waking you up for school and telling you to get your butt up for school. No parents nagging you to study about that upcoming test instead of going to that sleepover in the other dorm. Its not like that anymore- its about finding a balance that works for you and satisfies all those needs! I for one will need to add blogging into my weekly schedule for this is the first post since I have written since moving to University. Its fun- but its alot of work as well.

Hope that helps!
I'll write another post soon



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