Perfect for Fall

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Perfect for Fall

So happy October first! I love the changing of the months since the fashions change, the leaves are changing... & the nerd side of me loves the look of a new month-by-month spread on a planner. Clean and crisp with no white out marker all over it!


So here's a look perfect for fall and, if you wanted a dark purple scarf could be added if you wanted to take off the necklace and be a bit warmer on a chilly day. Also a pair of tights, maybe a plum pair to go with the scarf would look fabulous as well! With the Coral bag tho and the plum i'm not so sure but i'm sure a brown purse or clutch could easily be swapped in!

Hope your day is wonderful!



  1. Love the shoes. :)

    1. Ikr! They are the perfect fall shoe!


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