April Favorites

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Hello Lovlies! Today I have my April Favorites post for you! I don't normally do this post but I figured since April ended only yesterday that I was going to do it. So this months favorites are mainly beauty related. I really haven't been wearing as much makeup as I used to in the past to class which is unusual for me but at the same time makes sense because its almost finals week and all I want to do is sleep....  So continuing onward...

So here we have the Beauty Rush tinted lip sheen from Victoria's Secret and it doesn't say the shade, but its a really pretty nude/pink natural color. I wear it everyday to class with the lipgloss that is pictured below.

Ta Da ^ sadly this doesn't say the shade earthier but it is a nude color with a bit of a sparkle. They were bought as part of the 4 for $20 purchases. I also had bought a squeeze tube of lipgloss and a little pink bag (not pictured).

Now, nail polish is my guilty pleasure. I LOVE IT. These Spoiled nail colors are gorgeous and I have been wearing the one on the left (your fly's down) for the past two weeks I believe. I've been wearing it as long as I have had it. The reason I am so attracted to it is because it matches my skin tone perfectly. (No i'm not blue) but it complements, there we go, it complements my skin tone perfectly and looks bold and so good. 

Statement necklaces. This glitzy one from Rue21 is adorable and so feminine. It might be more glitzy than some would like but personally I find with a simple outfit it works perfectly. 

Yes, this is very very very loved and looks rough. But its just because I end up taking this with me everywhere. I believe my grandma actually gave this to me a year or so ago. 

Clinique Soft-pressed Powder blusher in New Clover

If you are looking for an amazing dark circle concealer... this is fantastic... and lasts a long time. I also have the foundation version (or I think its the foundation version, its just the larger version). 

Wet-n-wild MegaGlo Illuminating Power in Catwalk Pink. 
This is my second one of these actually. My sister and I had both bought one last summer and i used mine all up and she didn't so she gave it to me (so this one is from her, Thanks Em!) 

My Favorite powder so far! Rimmel London Stay Matte long lasting pressed powder in 003 Natural. I really like this powder a lot. This is a new powder since monday as I have just ran out. 

I've been using this stuff for about a month now and I must say that I do very much recommend it. I feel like my hair has grown a lot and feels a lot heather. At the CVS near my campus its $8 a bottle but at target or even walmart its much cheaper. plus... its a GINORMOUS bottle. 

EEEPP! I am so excited about this actually. This is Paris by Paris Hilton. And I bought it for $5 at Marshalls a couple weeks ago along with a small Betsy Johnson makeup bag, and its wonderful I must say. I've never bought perfume before (kinda sad right?) but I always just get body sprays from bath and body works... so I have never smelled this before I bought it and it was totally impulse but it smells  SO GOOD. 

So I hope you have enjoyed my April favorites post. I do have a post in mind for maybe this weekend or fairly soon, I've been buying spring Accessories so would you guys like a spring accessories haul or something along that line? I also have new spring cloths that I can't wait to show you so that should be coming fairly soon. 

I have a presentation tomorrow (UGH) so I am going to start practicing....



  1. love the mane n tail shampoo!
    would you mind to follow each other? :)


    1. It is a great shampoo! And i will check out your blog sure! :)


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