My Mad Fat Diary- Inspired Polyvore Outfit

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Fall Inspiration

So if any of you watch the British series "My Mad Fat Diary" (holler if you want a season 3!) you are probably just as obsessed with Rae and Finn as I am. So today's inspired outfit is for Rae, the year the series takes places in is (summer) 1996. Rae has sort of a grunge style and she usually has on a band tee, a flannel tied around her waist and some jeans. This outfit is a little bit different with black skinnies instead of bluejeans and the shirt isn't a band shirt, but you can get the general idea. She also doesn't wear a headband but I love the additional touch. The backpack Rae always wears is blue not brown, but its my twist on her outfit, so whatever kind of backpack you want to wear is fine. And the boots! Rae would probably wear this with her converse, but I would wear this with combat boots.

Hope all is well, 



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