The twentieth of August

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

I hope all of you are doing quite well on this August day. You haven't heard from me for months in fact, and I apologize, but it keeps happening and I really want to break this "habit" of disappearing. I've been working everyday all summer, so I could pay my fall tuition bill (which I did successfully!) and to be quite honest my laptop hasn't been on very much. I worked, got home, wanted to relax then I went to bed. Very boring, but oh well. 

The random yellow wall you see behind me is actually the wall of my apartment. I am living on campus again this year, but I am in a triple apartment (me + 2 roommates) and the apartment is so quaint. We decided on a yellow and grey theme to compliment our yellow/orangish wall. Which excites me greatly because I love those colors together. 

So there I am ^^ my hair has gotten longer and lighter from the sun, I've started eating meat again, I just painted my nails royal blue and I am sitting at my kitchen table. I have a few hours until I have to go to band so I am unpacking, lounging about, and finally writing a blog post (even though it is about nothing in particular). 


p.s. anyone else SUPER excited for fall? I am very happy its coming closer (minus the following snow).


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