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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Some of you might remember when I studied abroad my freshman year of college. I went to Paris, France, as a fashion merchandising major. I fell in love deeply with traveling, I got my first tattoo, flew internationally for the first time, went to a club for the first time, and nonetheless it was the experience of a lifetime. Now, as I enter the spring of my Junior year I write to you from a different location. I am currently sitting on my bed, in the townhouse we are staying at in Dungarven, Ireland. I'm studying here for the whole spring semester, so as of today until May 4th, and I hope to do some blogging as I am here. To keep the memories richer, and to share with my family so they can see what I am up to. So I am interested in writing about my capsule wardrobe, packing for studying abroad (it's a whole monster in itself), the traveling that I do, my day-to-day thoughts, posts about my travels within Ireland, and about living and being in the beautiful city of Dungarven itself.

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I've been a roller coaster of emotions the past few days preparing for this adventure. I'm close with my family and friends, so leaving them was really tough. My boyfriend and I have been together for almost a year now (in March!) and I was really worried about how doing the long distance would go, but I'm 100% sure, it will work out just fine :) We have a solid relationship, and I have all my confidence in it.

Today was day 1 on this adventure, and although I ended up soaked from the rain and muddied my shoes, it was a wonderful day. Any day is a good day to be in Ireland! 


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