{Lifestyle} 3 Ways to Save Money as a Planner Addict

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Sorry I haven't posted for a few days, I've been busy at home and this weekend I'm at my apartment with my boyfriend, but we aren't doing too much today so I managed to get in a post :) 

As a planner addict I am constantly looking for new ways to play with my planners without breaking my college student budget. I’ve come up with a couple of ways to utilize what you have, and stick to a limited budget.

1)   Utilize Dollar Tree: We all know how adorable all of the Target Dollar Spot goodies are, everything for a dollar is fantastic! But I think sometimes people forget about Dollar Tree.  As you know, everything there is a dollar as well! Just the other day I found some cute washi tapes, as well as sets of mini washi tape. If you have a happy planner, the mini size fit the headers perfectly across. But the sets are adorable! They have 7 mini rolls in one of those sets for a dollar. Each set has a color theme to them, and all the themes are so cute!

2)   Arc System Products From Staples: If you have a Happy Planner then you know that they released a new “mini” size for the discs for the planners. I know as someone who only uses a few months at a time, I was definitely eyeing those up. Well, I was in Staples after I was in dollar tree, and I was walking around and ended up finding the Arc System goodies from staples… big hint… everything fits the happy planner. They had mini discs!! For 2.49$! And they had pink ones! As well as other colors, and for 2.49$ you can bet right I bought a set. They don’t have the heart in the middle as Happy Planner does, but they are just as cute and for the price I was fine with it. They are 10$ on the HP site as well as Amazon, and then you’d have to pay for shipping. So 2.49$ is a steal. AND- They have things such as a pen holder, little zipper pouch, paper refills (good for if you have the “BIG” planner, or you could also do a bit of maneuvering with the paper trimmer), but they had a set of “to-do” lists that were simple with lines, and I wanted a set (it’s a huge pack for 4.99) but, I decided that I would wait to get those. But, I was thinking for 4.99 and how much paper was in the set, it was definitely a good price.

3)   Utilize Your Pen: I love typography, and last week in my happy planner (look at my instagram to see the second half of the week) I used mostly typography in my planner. I created little banners and boxes and utilized capital and cursive letters, and don’t forget the space between the letters, to add something different as well. Pens are something that everyone has, and they can be used just as well as stickers and washi tape.  


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