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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Office Inspiration #2

Copper lamp, $70 / Modern rug / Bellerby Co copper home decor / Trademark Fine Art word wall art / Modern home decor / Fake indoor plant / Light pink throw pillow / Wooden home decor / Selamat glass top desk / Pottery Barn adjustable chair / Monarch white bookshelve

I am a huge rose gold buff, so that was the inspiration behind this set for an office decor post. Neutral colors, such as whites and cremes, with pops of pink, rose gold, even green and a light blue, is a great color scheme for an office space. 

I was up at my apartment for the weekend, it is 2 hours away from my parent's home, and we did a decent amount of cleaning up and un-packing a few boxes. We are getting some of our furniture on Tuesday, which I will be working, but I am super excited to have some of it there when I am up again in a couple of weeks. 

Sorry for the lack of posts since I got home from Ireland. I've been working overtime the past week, and will be continuing that for the next three weeks. 

Hope you have a great week!! 



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