Paris Amour

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Paris Amour

I have been obsessing with Paris, France recently. I cant wait till I get to visit next May and I am counting down the days until I get to hop on that plane and go to Europe. I have this fantasy about backpacking through Europe after I graduate college, if that happens then it will be a amazing blogging experience! 

This look is focused on the floral pant using black accessories to match the black in the backround of the floral. I picked such a dark color scheme thinking about a cloudy day roaming paris, looking super chic but being warm and comfortable at the same time. Obviously going with a beanie for warmth and a red lip! (I'm obsessing with red lips atm) 

On a different note, got my hair done this morningggg;) it is totally gorgeous and just what i wanted! You will be getting a big reveal soon;) oh, btw... I leave for college sat.. OMGSH. -.- 



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