More Paris

Sunday, March 30, 2014

More Paris

(If you saw my haul post from yesterday you will see that the backpack above ^^^ is the backpack I bought when I was shopping yesterday from Aéropostale. Perfect for Paris)

If you have or have not noticed all my outfits inspired for Paris well I hope you are enjoying them. I have 50 days until Paris and am not stopping now; although good news for you I will have lots of pictures and my best friend is taking her DSLR (or something fancy like that) and she said that she would take pictures of me for OOTD blogposts. And I've been collecting new clothing for spring and the trip so it should be a good time.

It wasn't until after I had published this that I realized that these 6 items are really versatile. (I knew they were when I did the most but they really are-  love it!) Thats something I will really need to remember for when I am going to Paris so I can travel lightly I'm sure I will bring you along while I am packing my suitcase. That would be kinda fun!

I also reorganized my closet recently and it was one of the smartest choices I have ever made; my closet was kinda crazy before and now it's much better. My parents are coming to visit my university next Friday and I am excited for them to bring me my spring clothes :D I discovered when I was cleaning that I have a lot of darker colors then this giant chunk of colors (See image below)

I swear in person it looks a lot nicer but oh well. But you see the dark colors and then this CHUNK of colors. Which will go greatly with the clothing I have ready for spring. LOTS of skirts. I predicted Maxi skirts would be in trend for this 2014 spring season and I was right! So I have a few maxi, high-low, and then shorter ones all ready to be worn, plus a couple of dresses as well!

My special someone and I had sort of a revelation/deal last night that I would like to share. Well it was mainly his revelation, but he made me promise that I would do the same. And that is just not to care what others think of me anymore (as he put it later on to "f*ck the bullsh*t"), to be honest with everyone around me, and to trust all that all things will work out how they should. I don't want to talk too much about him for the sake of his privacy but he called me with this revelation while I was doing my friends' makeup last night and it has definitely already within 24 hours made our relationship so much better than it has been, even though it was fine before but just suddenly there is some sort of release that we feel so much better about. Which is making me incredibly happy today that I just had to share. 
p.s. He and I have a relationship which is unique in the sense we are together without saying we are gf/bf, just together. We don't need a "in a relationship" status to define our relationship. Its simply there. He's my best friend and my other half. If that makes any sense? *giggle* 

Oh well, this is sort of a long post and I have a test in Paris class tomorrow -.- 
I really want a macaroon. Have you tried them yet?


Kelsey Jean

P.S. All the accessories in the outfit were picked with the intention of mixing and matching with a combination of outfits from the 6 clothing pieces. Just if your wondering :) 


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