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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Hi lovlies, 

So where do I even begin? So much has changed in the past few weeks and months and I am very excited to tell you-all about it! I would tell you why I've been slacking on here but I should still make time for something I love (blogging). I'm glad to see that people still look at my little blog even though I haven't been making much time for it. Let me start by writing in bullet points to tell you all whats been going on these past few weeks...

(Sorry if this is a long post- I have so much to write about! If you are willing to read it all or did read it all- THANK YOU!)

1) I have successfully completed my first semester as a college freshman! I had 5 classes and ended the year with a GPA of 3.5 (If anyone is offended by my telling you this I apologize, but I am proud of this accomplishment and therefore am going to write about it because this is my blog.) I am proud of this accomplishment because I had told my mother before I left for school last August that my goal for this freshman year was to make it on deans list. And the first semester I didn't make it but had decent grades, then during j-term (one class everyday for three weeks during january) my GPA increased some more with my grade from my public speaking class. Finally during the spring semester I worked REALLY hard and made deans list! :) I am VERY proud of this accomplishment and can check it off of my list of things I wanted to do. 

2) These past months have also been really hard for me. A close family friend passed away at the end of february and my grandfather was diagnosed with cancer. To be honest I don't know what kind of cancer it is, I don't know the name but it's still cancer. He has his last treatment of chemotherapy tomorrow and then in two weeks will have a scan done to see if he is cancer free. If you would say a prayer that would be wonderful, not just for him but for all the cancer patients and families out there in the world. 

3) From May 18-22 I had the amazing chance to go abroad. (If you want me to make a complete Paris post, please comment below). I went to Paris, France. I had the opportunity of a lifetime, and I tried to make it count. It was phenomenal. I can't even begin to describe how beautiful the City of Lights is, the culture, the people, the atmosphere. It blew my mind. I am so in love with the city and want to go back again and again. I even got a tattoo while I was there! (Interested in a tattoo post? Comment below.) I will save the tattoo talk for the Paris related post, I still have yet to upload my pictures to my laptop. But, it was amazing, we saw all the big attractions. Including the eiffel tower of course <3 I am scared of heights, but when I walked out onto the observation deck... all fear left me. I was completely unafraid, it was so beautiful. 

4) I start a new job on monday! I am super excited about it. I get paid more than my other job and I have nights and weekends off. 

5) So my younger sister, Emma, has lost 50 pounds over the past two years, and I have really been wanting to get in shape, and we were talking about this a few days ago and she ended up giving me a book that she had checked out of the library to read.  And so being a book nerd, I started reading. And decided yesterday that I am going to change my lifestyle. I already had been walking around the lake with my mother and eating healthier and now I really want to up my game. I ended up running 2 miles yesterday and then proceeded to do 45 minutes of intense zumba (in-between the 2 miles. Mile, Zumba then second mile). Even though it was not consecutive I have not run two miles consistently like that for over a year, since I had really been into running. After I had stopped rowing in order to work on getting my grades up higher (SUCCESS!) I didn't work out much. I was stressed out with school work and I would work out some but not really. Until yesterday the last time I had ran was in March. For someone who loves to run that was pathetic of me. So i've decided to get back into running again. I ran again today (only one mile not two) and was surprised at how amazing and familiar it felt. I can't run very fast or far at the moment but at least I am trying to get into better health and shape. 

6) SO things that are new and upcoming for this blog. I hope to do some fitness inspired posts, hauls, more OOTD's, DIY's, maybe bring back those crosswords (anyone remember those?) and just try to post more in general. And make the posts interesting and have you all keep coming back for more. 

7) I am one of those people who sort of, buy things on impulse, unless I am saving for something big. Like last year I saved up my paychecks and bought my macbook pro. This summer I am saving up for a new phone, a pair of Nike Free 5.0+ running shoes, and running shorts/gear. My current phone works okay, but its been freezing constantly and is having memory issues. (So if anyone thinks what I am about to say is stupid, please exit this screen. it is MY money and I am capable of spending it how i wish to.) I have decided to save up and spend my money on a new phone. (This is my choice so you all are aware) Some might think this is stupid but I figured because I spend so much time on my phone I should be using one that works well and doesn't give me issues. I've decided to save up and buy a phone full price from my verizon kiosk and replace my current phone. As someone who spends money on a whim sometimes, I hate that is how I am but when I have something BIG in mind that I am saving for then I am able to control my spending. This is just how I am. 

8) My fashion sense has changed some since I was in paris. I don't even know what my style would be considered in the first place but I know what I would like to work towards it being. It would be a mix of classical pieces with a artsy/indie vibe. Something classical but totally my own. So I decided when purchasing clothing in the fall for back to school I am going to focus on purchasing jackets, accessories and jeans. I have enough tops :P 

9) Man, how I am glad its summer. I've needed a break and I've missed blogging so I am ready to get back into it!!!! 

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