I read alot. And I came across a book... 4-27-12

Saturday, April 28, 2012

So I am a gal who reads constantly. I mean like 3-5 books per week, constantly reading in class while the teacher is talking, reading while walking down the hall between classes, reading while i'm supposed to be doing my homework during class. I read every moment I can. I LOVE IT. Can't you tell?? ;)

A few days ago I was searching for some new books on my kindle fire, and I found a book on Minimalism. Now; I'm one who seems to love keeping things for their value to me. And I'm trying to get over that and give things I dont need away. because there is always someone out there who needs something that i could give.

ANYWAY, the book is called Minimalism: Essential Essays by Joshua Fields Millburn& Ryan Nicodemus. I thought what the heck i'll just randomly read it if not i'll stop.... well.. its actually pretty interesting. Two best friends making 6figures a year changing their lifestyles and embracing Minimalism. It was neat. I'm not done with it yet, but im 74% done, but i still have a bit more to go.

I'm trying to minimize the clutter in my life, I am hoping by reading the inspirational story by these two guys, I can make a difference in my life, and get rid of all the clutter. One thing though, because fashion and beauty is SO much a part of my life and what makes me happy, I won't be minimizing too much of that but I might downsize some parts of my closet lol. But the rest of it I am going to try to get rid of. My mom told me that my younger sister and I could have a yard sale if we wanted over the summer(and keep the $ that we make) and get rid of what we wanted, and I think that is the perfect opportunity to kick off this new thinking. I'm not fully going into it because like i said my clothing and beauty is important to me, but I just think its interesting and that reading about it might help me to part with things that I dont need, and to spend my money more wisely, and things like that. I am super pumped to start some more cleaning tommorow and get the access items outta my life, and into someone elses for the better.

Hope all is well!!


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