SAT's, prom and draw something!

Monday, April 30, 2012

SAT's are in 6 days from today. And I am so nervous about it. I haven't been studying much but I did well on the PSAT so that gives me some more confidence that I would have if I hadn't taken the PSAT.

PROM is ALSO 6 days from today. Yeah, that's right. SAT's the SAME DAY AS PROM! From 8-1:30 then my hair appointment is at 2:30 then I gotta do my makeup and my nails and do all sorts of that girlie stuff we girls do before dances LOL ;) My dress is dark purple so I'm thinking that I want to do my makeup as a smokey purple eye. How does that sound? I think it'd look good. Maybe I'll post some pics of my dress/hair/makeup on here!?

I've been loving draw something and words with friends. I have to say I am obsessed! Of course, not as much as angry birds, but you get the jist of it right? It's just so much fun! It's fun to guess the drawing and draw a new picture and I'm just lovin it!



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