OOTD: 4/11

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

We've got no school today since its spring break but I had to get dressed up for the art show thingie I was in.... soooo... heres what I wore...

And about my hair.... In the pic of me its curly but in the outfit pic its straight... uhhh... I didnt like how it curled (the pic was fine but not the view in my mirror was eh) so I straightened it.,... well attempted it was diffficult to straighten from it being curly haha 

Jeans: Fragile from Kohls
Floral Top: Old Navy
Blazer: Idk... from my mom I think
Scarf: Dunno eathier (attached to sweater i got fro christmas)

Okay, about the wall I am leaning against.... Thats actually my closet door that I Covered with pictures torn out from Teen Vouge!! ( I LOVE collages!)

New Purse that I got monday... Holds ALOT of stuff.... From a store about 45 mins awway from where I live but Idk if there are others or not so I wont say the name for privacy reasons, ya know how that goes... but it was $11.99. LOVE the color! works with the neon trend and i love the silver hardware... so gorgeous!



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