Today was April 1st

Sunday, April 1, 2012

...and I am genuinly surprised that noone played a prank on me!

I've been having some friend problems in the last month in which my (ex)best friend and I stopped being friends because I was nice to someone. Yeah, because I was nice. SO... I've been really sad and feeling crappy lately but with a new start to a new month to a new school day tommorow I am hoping that it wont effect me as much as it has. its been rough, but it was one of the reasons I also wanted to start a blog because it would be a new experience and helping me to get on with my life and grow as a person (plus I just LOVE beauty and fashion lol).


"I always try to wear pink everyday,
 the rose is my favorite flower,
and the pink reminds me of the rose
and to act like a flower.
 Positive. Graceful. Beautiful."
~Ashley Black


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