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Monday, April 23, 2012

Heyyyylo. So here I am, so now you've seen me on YouTube as well, most of you. As you can see if you scroll down my page you will see a couple videos of me! I decided to make a youtube channel and do that as well as my blog which I think will be fun! I'm praying that with YouTube more people will come to my blog and I will get some people following it. It takes time I know which feels so frusttrating because of how much time I am taking up working on this project and owkring on uploading and planning videos and making it better, and scouting other blogs to see what it is that people like so much so they will like my blog. I hope it's all worth it in the end and my blog will somehow be something good in my life. I'm hoping someday that it will be a bigger part of my life, I want to be a english major so maybe it will work into that somehow. Maybe with journalism and fashion blogging and it will become my job, God only knows but there's a reason that I felt such a pull to do this! I hope its GOOD!! =)

I'm hoping this summer to do some OOTD shots outside, and do some unique posts, since i'll  have more free time, since now i have Track practices/meets, show choir practices will be starting up again soon for our concert in May. I cant wait till summer comes and I can break out some summer clothes.


 Its actually snowing  today.... you got that right snowing. And I have deemed the weather bipolar because on friday it was sunny and 80 outside but today.... we get snow. Our track practice was cancelled and also our meet tommorow, but we still have practice [yayyyy :| haha not] but its been a crazy "winter" it hasnt seemed like it was winter at all because of the weird weather. It's almost May and its snowing. SNOW. Ugh.

I've been feeling really un-inspired lately with my wardrobe. So... when this happens I make fashion collages with pictures to inspire me. except i wanted something really big , ya know? So. When Marie was still here yesterday we started tearing pages from magazines, and looking through binders I have filled with pages from Seventeen Magazine, and InStyle. AND THEN... we put them on my bedroom wall. How in my one OOTD I was leaning against my closet door and it was covered with images from Teen Vouge? Yepp, we did that to a large portion of my wall. I also went on to do some rearanging and making things different, I moved my bedside table into the corner of my room next to my purple mushroom chair [which I have now deemed my blogging corner&is where I am seated at the moment] [2use as a little place for my lamp that my  mom made and my latest Seventeen&Teen Vouge Magazines] and my bookshelf. I also did some work on my dresser. My perfumes usually sit on a square mirror with mint green trim, but I wanted a mirror on my dresser so I swapped out the green mirror for a circular one for my purfumes and set the green one on my dresser to have it sitting there for my convienence!

I'll upload somepictures of my Blogging Corner and inspiration wall sometime soon, I hope you all will like it! I hope I get some subcribers on youtube and some followers on here. Thats my goal, to reach out to other people and be a inspiration to them and help make them be a inspiration to someone else and have it be a chain reaction. Lets hope I can get there!



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