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Sunday, June 10, 2012

I'm getting a vanity! It was my Great-Grandmothers and so it will be vintage and also have sentimental value to me. So since I am getting that, I am currently in the process of  debating how to rearrange my room accordingly. I dont have a large room, but its not the smallest eathier. Its actually looking like uhm... rainbow throw up at the moment.... hahaha There are piles of clothes on the floor from me trying to get rid of clothing items but ending up gaining items from my younger sister (we are about the same size) and one of my best friends, Cynthia. Soooooooooooo that needs some uhm working on haha. I'm gaining more clothes than I am giving away at the moment but its alright. I like clothes;)

I took some pictures yesterday for a upcoming couple posts... I ended up taking 18 pictures so I'm thinking that will work for a series of three different posts! So that is coming up... And once my vanity and room is set up how I want it... The vanity will be a perfect spot to film and of course, store my makeup collection... So I'm sure to be going more filming soon (this time with my video camera so it will be better quality *crosses fingers*)

I'm also going to the beach in a couple weeks! So I might do a couple posts on something like "What I'm Packing: Makeup... clothing...." Ect. So hopefully I will have time to do those as well! While I am at the beach I plan on taking my laptop&webcam so hopefully I can do a couple posts and show you'all some pictures and possibly film a video while at the condo!

                                                         OH! ;) Also here is a IPFTD!

                     Picture is NOT owned by hellosimpleme. It was found on google. All image credits go to the rightful owner of the image.



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