So its complete!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

My room is complete! There are still things I wish I could change (new paint color on the walls, all matching furniture ect.) But I must just deal with the things I have!

So my new vanity holds ALL my makeup plus some of my hair stuff&nail polishes and also is the perfect spot for my laptop to sit and for me to write posts! So horrayyy!:)

My goal is to try to do one post a day this summer and possibly do a video maybe once a week? Idk about the video's but I'm trying to get the perfect spot and I have a bunch of videos planned so hopefully I can get around to doing that. I've had alot more time so far than I thought I would.. I mean I get to sleep in, work in my Aunts garden, come home and get on my laptop and check my bloggg ;) Wooo! oh, and zumba.. I've been doing Zumba every other day except I missed friday's workout so I need to do that... Maybe today?! So I'm not in my room 24/7 on my laptop lol.

So what are YOUR summer plans?



  1. Sounds like you're going to have a fun, relaxing summer! :) Do you go to zumba classes or do it at home? I'm toying with getting the videos. I attempted the classes a year ago and got frustrated by the 15 minute drive from my apartment. Sigh. Gosh, I'm

  2. I'm hoping so! I'm working for my Aunt usually everyday but that is in her garden and she lives right next to me so thats definitely convient!

    I'm doing the zumba classes at home, although I did do somewhat of a class when a instuctor came to a art thing that a group of us teenagers were at and I tried that... For like 5 mins because it makes me nervous to do the dancing in front of other people haha


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