Dont Fret..

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Don't fret- I havent gone away even though I have been absent all week, and I promised to blog even tho I was on vacation (even tho i epically failed at that promise but i've been very busy but hey! here I am and its wensday so I didnt lie haha i've just been soooo busy with doing touristy type stuff:)  ). But anyway, some interesting stuff has been happening!

1. Well, I'm on vacation (As you'all know) and I'm heading back to my home on saturday. I will probably do a 'Vacation Haul' with all the things that I bought while I was on vacation sometime next week. Idk if i'll post it to my YouTube Channel or not, maybe I'll just make it special for my blog. But I think I have to have it be from youtube to be posted in a post so maybe it'll have to go up there too haha :)

2. I told my mom about my blog- I was hesitant to let her see because I didnt know what she would say. But she liked it and thought it was cool! She even saw my YouTube Video post and wanted to watch it and even smiled at it. So I think that it's all good:) Which is fantastic- I love my mom:)

3. #2 leads me to #3- She wants me to talk about my senior project on my blog (maybe I'll do a YouTube Video too idk yet, maybe) So that post WILL be coming up soon as well.

4. I also have another colletive Haul post/video coming up (seesh- I'm doing alot of hauls, I should do a tutorial soon... something beachy maybe?... ironic huh? ;)  ) I've been getting new clothes from the 2nd hand shop that I am volunteering at, from my best friend Cynthia, and even from my sister (mmmm i need to try those on...) so I will be posting that soon as well. Wow, I'm gunna be busy busy busy gal here on my laptop&blog! Which is good because I love my blog:)

So thats a update sorta thing.. so yeah:) Let me know what kind of tutorial video I should do after my hauls, or I could always rotate them, haul, tutorial, haul, tutorial, you get the picture... Let me know!:)


p.s. Yepp, I got a new bag btw, one that I bought with a visa giftcard from my Aunt:) its very boho and mmmm kinda edgy at the same time but i think that the color (brown) makes it more boho:) You will see it soon!


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