Basics On The 'Bohemian Style'

Thursday, June 14, 2012

I am obsessed with the bohemian style- the freedom, colors and beauty of it... I'm totally hooked. My style is definitely bohemian inspired, and will hopefully get closer to the true style over the next couple months. I did some reading and here are some Basics on the 'Bohemian Style' :) ennjoyyyyy&hope you like!!

  • Layers
    • ex. Chunky sweater over a lightweight dress
    • fun tights, funky layers, knee socks
  • Accessories
    • hair
      • let your hair down (waves are very boho)
      • braids (fishtail, french, regualar)
      • tie a headband over
    • Fedoras, bangles, big hoop earrings, chunky necklaces, braids, feathers,
    • sandals, boots, wedges
    • belts
    • turquoise
    • rings
    • long necklaces
  • Dresses& Blouses
    • soft ruffles &flowy fabric
    • halters, tunic tops, one shoulder
  • Prints&colors
    • sheer&lightweight
    • tribal prints
    • paisley prints
    • silk
    • flowers
    • buttoned
  • Makeup
    • simple- low key
    • should compliment your natural features
    • pinks, skin colors, browns
    • try appling eyeliner to only the outer courners of your eyes (try brown)

Being bohemian is a outlook of life, a state of being& a way of interacting with the world. A bohemian girl is a free spirit, and creative. the style is considered a mix of hippie, gypsy, and vintage!

Any other things to add about the bohemian style?



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