Long Story Short...

Friday, June 22, 2012

So to make a long story short. That (AMAAZINGGG- wwaaaaaa! :((  ) purse in my last post (OOTD) started to come undone and was ripping in the one spottt and it was missing a couple studs... (OHhhhh I was madddd). So we went down to the boardwalk to get it replaced and exchange it. There was only one left of that kind. and guess what. the studs were falling off on that one too. SOOOOOOOOO... I ended up swapping and getting this one instead. it's not what i really wanted but it was between this one and one like my old brown one but in a bright blue shade and i dont wear thath much blue so I went with this one. So i'm thinking that this one will be a good one for school to carry all my books and notebooks and all ththat jazz. and its BIGGG so i could use it for a overnight bag as well if i really wanted too haha. But this one looks a bit sturdier than my other one and im hoping *cross your fingers with me* that it doesnt start to rip and break like the other one.  sooooooooooo yeah

(there are three different compartments)

what is your go-to-bag??



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