Blueberry buckle, masks and my dog Faeden

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Good morning Lovelies! I have a random-ish post for you all today. Just some pictures of things from today....

Blueberry buckle my mom made (I added some strawberries and blueberries to the mix) yummmmmmmmmmm :)

My friend gave me a couple of room decor type items for my dorm room as grad presents including this beautiful mask, it goes with my room perfectly. There are two beautiful masks but this one is my favorite because of the feather.
And this last picture is of my golden retriever (Faeden) and Myself. He's such a big dog (he is 2 and weighs like 130+ Ibs). He is such a good companion.

I am going to start taking pictures of any good outfits I'm wearing (when I get up before noon and am not lazy wearing mesh shorts and teeshirts) but it is summer, and although its lame to say it I don't normally get really dressed up in the summer because I normally have to work each day and, for that I have a uniform. Dumb excuse but on days I don't work, I may get dressed up and have my sister take some pictures and start doing OOTD posts, because I love reading those posts on other peoples blogs and I would love to start doing that on mine.

What do you think? I would love your opinion!

(OHHH if you notice in the first picture, my hair is two toned now! I had my stylist dye my under-layers a deep red. And I have to say that i LOVE IT!)


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