I'm seeing RED darling

Thursday, January 23, 2014

I'm seeing RED darling

Red is a power color. It brings confidence to the wearer and makes a statement. As I gradually build my wardrobe for my up and coming adult life I will be sure to add red accessories and statement pieces to my wardrobe. Its sexy, fun, and when paired with the right accessories, professional.

As someone who hopes to be a designer someday, which means I will need to be able to be in charge and be a business woman, red will be my go-to.

The outfits above look more for a party than professional. But add a blazer, some black tights, and your work bag, and your ready to go.

What's your power color? 




  1. I agree that red is really a powerful color that's why I think it's difficult to know how to use it.


    1. Oh yes. But with small accessories its quite easy to add to a outfit:)


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