Small CVS Haul

Friday, January 10, 2014

Hi everyone- You survived to Friday! I feel like this week went by SO SLOW for me. I don't know about anyone else but it was kinda ridiculous actually. I got back from lunch today and my roommate was in our room talking away on her phone so I send a couple of emails and them ended up taking a walk to get out of the room and get some fresh air, and ended up at CVS so I bought a couple of things that I have been eyeing up but didn't get with christmas money. 

What I found really funny is that all of these items my younger sister has, which is how I tried them in early december and decided to purchase them when I got back to school. 

I've only used Emma's bottle of this a couple times but I really wanted to purchase  a bottle and try it because I love the look of sexy beach hair. 

Emma had the green eye version of this and I've been needing a new back eyeliner pencil for my tight line so I decided to get it. 

I've heard so many good and wonderful things about this mascara and my Maybelline Falsies is about empty, so I picked out a new mascara!

Emma has this as well, (wow I'm buying all the same products as my YOUNGER sister did- thats a switch on things!)  and I know this stuff is amazing so I decided to purchase it.

Actually the day I got back to school (Last sunday) all my makeup was packed away in the car and I used the mascara and under eye concealer above, of Emma's, and my mom complimented me of how pretty I looked and she laughed when I told her I used Emma's makeup. It was quite amusing.

& Actually this is the first time I have purchased Physicians Formula so I am really excited!

Happy Friday!




  1. i would love to start trying organic makeup, nice post!

    1. Thanks! & Its actually rivaling my favorite Mascara (Maybelline Falsies) right now because I love the look that I get using it. Definitely check it out if you can!!


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