January Challenge

Thursday, January 16, 2014

[this is a lot to read I know, so if your willing to stick with me- grab some coffee or tea and join/listen to  the challenge I'm giving myself.]

I am sitting here in our campus' bookstore/starbucks/lounge area with a short latte from Starbucks and  the November, December and January issues of Vogue. Oh, with a small block of sticky notes as well because I love marking pages that are inspirational in magazines while I am reading.

I also have notecards for a speech that I have to give tomorrow that I should be practicing...
and my phone for some odd reason... died. So its not that odd- but its attached to its charger and keeps turning on then shutting back off, over and over and over and over and over.... and repeat. So thats weird.

I also just got back from yet, another, trip to CVS. I bought a few things I needed, bobby pins, hair pins (yes there is a difference); and then made some impulse purchases, aka 2 notebooks for the spring semester in two weeks (although that isn't so impulse-ish because they will be used for school purposes ha) and then a Essie nail polish in "On a Silver Platter". The color is totally gorgeous don't get me wrong, but I had a interesting conversation with myself on the way back to my dorm room.

Kelsey! Okay- so the whole point of this post in the first place was to discuss with you what I was thinking about on my way back to my dorm from CVS. And what was that? - it was simply that I have a lot of stuff. Stuff.

I bought the items from CVS with some cash my grandmother sent me in a card earlier in the week, and some that I already had. And as soon as I walked out of the store I started bashing myself. 'Why did you buy so much?' 'Did you really need all that?' 'You should be saving for Paris' 'That could go towards that Michael Kors tote that you want'. You might be like- well that doesn't sound like that much Kelsey. Well, I already have enough notebooks for the spring semester but they are only 1 subject and I write ALOT use up a lot of space when taking notes in class, so bigger ones were needed but could I have gotten along without them- I suppose so. & the nail polish, its soo pretty but I could have gone without it probably. So I was walking and sort of just went "I have too much stuff".

And does this stuff make me any happier? In a way I guess, but not in a way that I'm REALLY happier. Its just stuff.

So I'm thinking of trying something so I don't keep spending the money that I should be saving. A challenge of sorts. I should have started this at the beginning of January for a 2014 challenge but better late then never right!? And its still January... so.

But anyway- I'm simply going to challenge myself to NOT spend money on ANYTHING unless I really need it. And by 'really need it' I'm talking about like food and cleaning supplies or bandaids. Items like that, which I really need to replace when I use up. I need to stop buying extra items and making impulse purchases. Because truthfully its just emptying my wallet not improving my life.

So you might have heard of something called Minimalism. Its something that I have been reading about for months and really want to get involved with (&I believe I might have mentioned it in a blog post awhile ago). It might go along hand in hand with the idea of not buying anything. If you don't know anything about minimalism click this link here. Its a article that I keep reading over and over.

I have been wanting to get rid of the majority of my stuff for months. If you looked at my room at home then my room at school... you would wonder how all that stuff fit into my room at home. My room at home doesn't even look like I made a small divot into it when I packed for college, and personally I find that kinda pathetic now.
I have been thinking about it though and if I do go through with this of sorts I feel like I would not have issues of getting rid of things all except for my clothes. So I'll start with everything else, then I will work on my closet once my life has less clutter. I mean do I really need two dressers and a walk in closet for my clothes? Some would say yes, and some would say no. Just depends on who you are.
I go home the 24th for a few days. I'll start on my room at home when I get home. Getting rid of as much as I can in addition to the clothing that I have there at home, should be a interesting challenge. I just have to let go of things. I mean.. they might have sentimental value of sorts but in the end they are just 'things'. They won't mean anything after I die someday.
&I need to think about quality over quantity.

Oh and tonight our school is having a 'freshman required event' and normally I wouldn't go but something inside is telling me too. The flyer says "Your Life Is Too Short To Suck At What You Are Doing..." they might be talking about academics but maybe this could apply in other ways.

Ready for a change?



p.s. #sorrynotsorry for a long post. If you want to read it go ahead, if not then... oh well I suppose. 


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