[Lifestyle] Resolution # 3: Get More Exercise

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Its Quite Simple Really

So this post isn't really for anyone in particular; mainly just for myself to look at when I look back on my blog. An exercise blog post/letter to myself? Sure, that works. 

Its my 2014 resolution #3 to 'Get More Exercise'; oh dear, guess who hasn't worked out once yet? This girl. 

I should probably mention before anyone asks "Well Kelsey, what about rowing?" 

about that... 

I decided rowing wasn't for me this semester. I have multiple reasons but the biggest two would be that 1) it interfered with my work study too much, and since I am saving for Paris my work study money is important since its my personal pocket money while I am here at school. 2) I got decent grades, and my parents are proud but I had one C+ and was only a few points from a low B, but I don't like the idea of having a C on my transcript. This college transcript will effect if I get a job or not and I didn't like having the C on there. Although doing a sport is impressive, I wasn't there at Uni to row. 

My plan is to see how spring goes, see if I can improve my grades even more, and if I can handle it I may consider trying row again in the fall. I feel kinda depressed about it since I loved it so much, but I spent all christmas break bawling about it to my mom and worrying about it. I do miss it. I think just being sad about it is why I haven't been hitting the gym like I normally would- I LOVE working out and I know how great I feel afterwords but I'm sad about row, so I am forcing myself to go to the gym after my class on monday before my work study, just to blow off some steam. I know I will feel better afterwards. I don't like quitting things; which might be a part as to why I'm sad about it, I don't want to be labeled as a quitter, but I shouldn't care too much about what others think. I waste so much energy caring about that as a fashion major, I'm always bashing myself about it so I just need to move on with my life. I can still have fun with the rowing girls and work out. 

So anyway- my point was that its day 11 (almost day 12 because its 11:16PM as I type this) and I haven't worked out yet. But I should realize my goal doesn't say to 'loose weight' or 'be a size 8/9 by 2015' or whatever its simply to work out more. So Starting monday I will try that; just to work out more to make myself feel better and be healthy. Not to loose weight, but to be HEALTHY. 

The above polyvore image was just to inspire me to get to the gym; I am constantly pinning stuff on pintrest to my Fitness board, which is motivating but seeing it on my blog is even more motivating. 

I'm not sure if this post will help anyone, but if your like me and feel like your already falling behind on your resolutions realize, your not alone. and don't give up because you will feel better in the end. Even if its only a couple times a week your still lapping everyone on the couch. 



p.s. I'm sorry if I sound sad in it, but after writing it I feel a lot better! I just figured that since I'm not perfect and I like to put happy stuff on my blog and i'm not always happy I should show that I'm more rounded than what you see here online. Obviously no one is perfect. Remember that. 


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