Three Outfits: Three Different People

Monday, January 20, 2014

Take Your Pick

I hope you all are having a wonderful day! I have spent the majority of my day in the library (aka I've been in the same spot for the last 5 hours working on my new assignment for my public speaking class) after I got done with my work study at 3PM  ( did I mention that is in the library as well?)

If I had to choose out of these three outfits it would be highly difficult for me since I really like all three of the outfits.

Have I ever mentioned I love to write? On that note I am going to do a bit of creative writing and make up stories about each of the three outfits and the type of female I could see wearing them.

Want to play? Let me know which you like most and maybe I will elaborate on that outfits story making up more about her as I do more Polyvore outfit posts.

Alright. Here we go:

Outfit One: One is a art student from New York City. She wants to someday run her own art gallery and feature a wall of her paintings inside. She is fluent in French and visits Paris often. She has a classic style but twisted at times to make it quirky and her own. She also likes taking pictures and is interested in photography. She loves NYC and someday wants to live there.

Outfit Two: Two is a Industrial Design student living in San Fransisco. She likes music, concerts, drawing and skateboarding. She has a edgy style and loves to mix it up. Today she has a date with a male friend at a starbucks in between her classes. She wants to look cute and feminine but adds the harder black details as to not loose her edgy side. Did I mention she has a black belt in Karate?

Outfit Three: Three is a Louisiana Sorority girl studying biology. She wants to become a scientist after she graduates grad school and then eventually she wants to get a doctorates degree. Don't like the super girly look fool you, she plays variety tennis and runs marathons. She loves to be funny and full of surprises, which is why she always enjoys telling people she is a biology major (everyone goes whaaattt?!).

Alright so there are my three outfit characters. Hope you enjoyed this post!!




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